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You must present yourself for immigration clearance at your point of entry into Singapore. You must satisfy the following basic requirements before you can be considered for entry:

    • A passport that is valid for at least six months
    • Sufficient funds for the length of your intended stay
    • A submitted SG Arrival Card1
    • A valid Singapore visa (to check whether you need a visa, see Visa Requirements)
    • A confirmed onward or return ticket (where applicable)
    • Evidence that you can enter your next destination (for example, a visa)
    • A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, if applicable

    Please click here for more information about Visa Free Transit Facility.

    If you are eligible for entry, you will receive a Visit Pass which will indicate the period of stay granted. Check your Visit Pass and the number of days you can stay before leaving the checkpoint.

    While in Singapore, on a visit pass, you are not permitted to engage in any business, professional or paid employment activities.

    Overstaying is a punishable offence in Singapore. If you want to stay beyond the period of stay granted, you can apply for an extension online using the e-Service or go to the Visitor Services Centre on Level 4 of the ICA Building before your Visit Pass expires. Applications for an extension of stay are subject to approval.

    1The SG Arrival Card is the electronic version of the paper disembarkation/ embarkation (DE) card (or commonly known as the white card) that foreign visitors are required to submit on arrival. From 27 March 2020, ICA will discontinue the use of paper DE card and all travellers will have to provide their arrival information via the “SG Arrival Card” e-Service instead.