Baggage Clearance/Dual-Channel System

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The dual-channel system (Red Channel and Green Channel) enables travellers to be quickly cleared on arrival at the checkpoints.

If an ICA officer at a checkpoint wishes to examine your baggage, you must open, unpack and repack it yourself. This gives you full control over the process. It also prevents any unintentional damage to your baggage or belongings.

Green Channel

green channel

If you do not have dutiable, controlled or prohibited goods, you may proceed to the Green Channel. However, ICA officers may conduct checks on visitors’ baggage. If you are found with any undeclared dutiable, controlled or prohibited goods, you may be fined or prosecuted.

For more information on the following, please visit the Singapore Customs website:

  • Dutiable Goods
  • Duty-Free Allowance
  • GST Relief

Red Channel

red channel


When you arrive at the checkpoint, you must declare all dutiable goods, controlled goods or prohibited goods at the Red Channel. You must show these goods and your import licence, or authorisation where applicable, to an ICA officer for examination, and seek Customs clearance. Making a false or incorrect declaration is an offence.

If you do not have the import licence or authorisation, an ICA officer will retain the item and refer it to the relevant authority for approval. You will be given a warehouse deposit receipt to claim your item after the relevant authority has issued approval to bring it into Singapore.

If in doubt, please proceed to the Red Channel to make enquiries.