Cargo and Postal Article Requirements

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Cargo Clearance at Checkpoint

Documents Required

When you are clearing cargo in Singapore, whether for import, export, transhipment or through the postal service, you will need to produce:

  • Customs or Joint Customs permits, as appropriate

    Invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, airway bills and any other supporting documents.

For more information on permit types, as well as declaration and documentation procedures, please visit the Singapore Customs website.


Maximum Dimensions for an Over-sized Cargo Vehicle Passing Through the Land Checkpoints

When you are transporting cargo (by road) through Woodlands or Tuas checkpoints, please ensure that your cargo vehicle does not exceed the following overall dimensions:

Checkpoint Length Width Height
Woodlands Checkpoint 18m 3.3m 4.5m
Tuas Checkpoint 22m 3.5m 5.0m

Import, Export and Transhipment of Cargo

For guides on import, export and transhipment of cargo, please visit the Singapore Customs website.

Collection of Postal Articles


For collection of postal articles, please visit the Singapore Customs or SingPost website.