Transiting Through Singapore

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Singapore is open to all transit travellers with no specific regulations or requirements. However, please note the following points on qualifying as a transit traveller, and possible foreign requirements, to ensure that you have a smooth transit experience. 

1. Qualifying as a Transit Traveller

Transit travellers are defined as those travelling to another country via Singapore, without clearing Singapore arrival immigration.

Travellers who intend to clear arrival immigration to enter Singapore, or booked flights which require them to enter Singapore to collect tickets or baggage and check-in again for the connecting flight, are not considered transit travellers. Several Low Cost Carriers require travellers to clear immigration to collect their onward connecting tickets in the Departure Check-In hall. Such travellers should ensure that they fulfil all public health and entry requirements found on the “Entering Singapore” page.

If unsure, travellers connecting through Singapore should consult their airline on whether they need to go through immigration, or if they can remain in the transit area to connect to their next flight.

2. Transit Travellers Must Fulfil Destination Country Requirements

Travellers are advised to check with the appropriate authorities of your destination country/region on what requirements they impose on travellers transiting through Singapore.

Please note that pre-departure COVID-19 testing services are not available in the transit area of Changi Airport. If your destination requires you to take a COVID-19 pre-departure test, you should do so before your transit in Singapore.