Entering Singapore

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Travellers seeking to enter Singapore should comply with the prevailing Public Health as well as Entry Requirements listed below to ensure a smooth journey. Please note that this page includes all COVID-19-related requirements that were previously hosted on the ICA SafeTravel website.

To avoid tests and quarantine, travellers must fulfil the public health requirements below. Travellers who cannot meet the public health requirements and refuse any test(s) and/or quarantine may be turned away from Singapore.

1a) Yellow Fever Requirements

Produce an International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever, if you have visited any country at risk of Yellow Fever transmission in the past 6 days before arrival in Singapore.

Travellers must serve quarantine for up to six days on arrival if they cannot meet the requirement. Quarantine also applies to those who are ineligible to receive the vaccination e.g., children aged 1 year and below and individuals with contraindications.

1b) COVID-19 Requirements

Travellers aged 12 and below by year of birth (born on or after 1 Jan 2011) are exempted from COVID-19 border measures.

All other travellers aged 13 and above may enter Singapore as per normal without testing or quarantine, only if they have taken minimum WHO-EUL vaccine dosage listed below at least two weeks before arrival in Singapore, and can show proof of vaccination:

  1. One dose of CanSinoBIO/Convidecia or Janssen/J&J vaccine; OR
  2. Two doses of AstraZeneca, Covaxin, Moderna/Spikevax, or Covishield vaccine administered at least 24 days apart; OR
  3. Two doses of Novavax/Covovax/Nuvaxovid, Pfizer/BioNTech/COMIRNATY, or Sinopharm vaccine, administered at least 17 days apart; OR
  4. Two doses of Sinovac vaccine, administered at least 13 days apart; OR
  5. Mixture of any two doses of vaccines listed in points 1-4, administered at least 17 days apart; OR
  6. Any of the vaccination combinations listed in points 1-5 and subsequently recovered from COVID-19; OR
  7. At least one dose of any WHO EUL approved vaccines listed in points 1-4, taken at least 28 days after a COVID-19 positive diagnosis 

The following types of vaccination proof in English or translated to English are accepted if they contain personal identification details (e.g. name, date of birth, ID number) that match against the traveller’s passport:

If you can meet the COVID-19 requirements above, you may skip to the General Entry RequirementsIf not, you must fulfil the additional COVID-19 requirements listed below.

Requirements for Travellers Not Fully Vaccinated with COVID-19 WHO EUL Vaccines

i) Pre-Departure Test (PDT)

Within two days before departure, take any of the following COVID-19 tests:

  • COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction test; OR
  • Antigen Rapid Test (ART) administered by a trained professional, or self-administered ART that is remotely supervised by an approved ART provider in Singapore [for Singapore citizens, PRs and Long-Term Pass Holders (including In-Principle Approval holders) only]

The Pre-Departure Test (PDT) report, which shows a negative test result, must be in English (or accompanied by a notarised English Translation), and clearly states the traveller's name, date of test, as well as the traveller's date of birth or passport number per the passport used to travel to Singapore.

A PDT is not required only if you tested positive for COVID-19 between 14 to 90 days before your date of departure for Singapore. You can use this tool to check if the pre-departure test can be waived, and the documentation required to prove your first infection or recovery.

ii) COVID-19 Travel Insurance

Short-term visitors must ensure they have travel insurance covering COVID-19, with at least $30,000 of medical coverage. Read the COVID-19 insurance and medical treatment page for details.


2a) Immigration Requirements

To enter Singapore, travellers must meet the following immigration requirements:

i) Passport Validity

  • Have minimum 6-month passport validity if you are not a Singapore passport holder

ii) Visa

  • Short term travellers holding a passport or travel document from a visa-required country/region must apply for a Visa
  • Visa-required travellers can use the Visa-Free Transit Facility for stay of less than 96 hours in Singapore, if eligible

iii) SG Arrival Card (SGAC)

  • All travellers must fill in the SGAC declaration up to 3 days before arrival
  • Only Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long-Term Pass Holders entering via land checkpoints do not need to fill in the SGAC

iv) Security and Immigration Processes on Arrival

  • Ensure that you do not bring prohibited items into Singapore
  • Familiarise yourself with immigration/customs clearance procedures, including whether you are eligible for automated clearance
  • Short-Term travellers should have sufficient cash and proof of onward travel (tickets, visas), and ensure that you do not stay beyond your visit pass validity. You may retrieve your e-Pass after arrival using the e-Pass Enquiry Portal or check your visit pass validity using the visit pass validity tool.
  • Visitors who wish to stay beyond the period of stay granted can apply for a visit pass extension online using the e-Service. Applications are subject to approval.

Travellers on short-term visit pass are also not permitted to engage in any business, professional or paid employment activities when in Singapore. Overstaying is also a punishable offence in Singapore.

2b) Post-arrival Advisories

Domestic COVID-19 Measures

  • Please refer to the Ministry of Health Advisory for details on the latest COVID-19 measures within Singapore.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, observe the appropriate recovery protocols.
  • If you were vaccinated outside Singapore, refer to MOH's FAQs on how to keep your COVID-19 vaccination status up-to-date in Singapore. These include:
    • Receiving a booster vaccination if you had received your last primary vaccination dose more than 270 days ago; and/or
    • Registering your vaccination status into Singapore's National Immunisation Registry (NIR) if necessary
  • If you are applying for an MOM pass, you need to meet MOM’s vaccination requirements to get your pass issued. To avoid delays in getting your pass issued, you are strongly encouraged to take your COVID-19 booster vaccination (if required) before entering Singapore. Refer to MOM's website for more details.