Entering Singapore

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To ensure a smooth journey, travellers seeking to enter Singapore should comply with the Entry and Public Health requirements listed below.

1a) Immigration Requirements

To enter Singapore, travellers must meet the following immigration requirements:

i) Passport Validity

  • Have minimum 6-month passport validity if you are not a Singapore passport holder

ii) Visa

  • Short term travellers holding a passport or travel document from a visa-required country/region must apply for a Visa
  • Visa-required travellers can use the Visa-Free Transit Facility for stay of less than 96 hours in Singapore, if eligible

iii) Security and Immigration Processes on Arrival

Submit Online 1b) SG Arrival Card (SGAC)
  • All travellers must fill in the SGAC declaration up to 3 days before arrival
  • Only Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long-Term Pass Holders entering via land checkpoints do not need to fill in the SGAC
1c) Post-arrival Advisories

Short Term Visitors

  • Visitors who wish to stay beyond the period of stay granted can apply for a visit pass extension online using the e-Service. Applications are subject to approval.
  • Travellers on short-term visit pass are also not permitted to engage in any business, professional or paid employment activities when in Singapore. Overstaying is also a punishable offence in Singapore.

COVID-19 Vaccination for Permanent Residence and Long-Term Pass

  • Up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination is required for new Permanent Residence, Long-Term Pass and Work Pass applications, as well as the renewal of Work Permit holders in the construction, marine and process sectors or residing in dormitories. 
    • Refer to MOH's FAQs on how to keep your COVID-19 vaccination status up-to-date in Singapore.
    • Work pass holders should refer to MOM's website for details on vaccination requirements, and are advised to take their COVID-19 boosters before entering Singapore to avoid delays for their pass issuance.
  • From 1 Apr 2023, persons who recently recovered from COVID-19 will no longer enjoy temporary exemption from COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

To avoid tests and quarantine, travellers must fulfil the public health requirements below. Travellers who cannot meet the public health requirements and refuse any test(s) and/or quarantine may be turned away from Singapore.

2a) Yellow Fever Requirements

Produce an International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever, if you have visited any country at risk of Yellow Fever transmission in the six (6) days prior to arrival in Singapore.

Travellers must serve quarantine for six (6) days from date of departure from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission if they cannot meet the requirement. Quarantine also applies to those who are ineligible to receive the vaccination e.g., children aged one year and below and individuals with contraindications, and travellers whose yellow fever vaccination certificate has yet to become valid.

2b) COVID-19 Requirements

There are no longer any COVID-19 measures for travellers arriving in Singapore from 13 Feb 2023, regardless of vaccination status or traveller profile.