Automated Clearance Initiative

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The Automated Clearance Initiative (ACI) allows eligible foreign visitors to be enrolled for the use of automated lanes at the checkpoints during clearance at the immigration counters.


You are eligible to enrol for ACI if the corresponding criteria are met.

  • Fulfil entry requirements
  • Aged six and above
  • Passport holders of eligible countries/places/groups

Eligible countries/places/groups

1. Australia

2. Austria

3. Brunei Darussalam

4. Belgium

5. Bulgaria

6. Canada

7. China

8. Croatia

9. Cyprus

10. Czech Republic

11. Denmark

12. France

13. Estonia

14. Finland

15. Germany

16. Greece

17. Hungary

18. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

19. Iceland

20. India

21. Ireland

22. Italy

23. Japan

24. Latvia

25. Lithuania

26. Luxembourg

27. Macao Special Administrative Region

28. Malaysia

29. Netherlands

30. Malta

31. New Zealand

32. Norway

33. Poland

34. Portugal

35. Republic of Korea (South Korea)

36. Romania

37. Switzerland

38. Slovakia

39. Slovenia

40. Spain

41. Sweden

42. Thailand

43. United Kingdom

44. United States

Additional criteria for the following passport holders:

Countries/places/groupsAdditional Criteria
ChinaHolders of 5 years Multiple Journey Visa (MJV)
IndiaHolders of 5 years Multiple Journey Visa (MJV)
United KingdomPassport bearing "British Citizen" as the nationality


There is no separate registration required. You will be notified on your eligibility to use the automated lanes at the passenger halls and motorcycle lanes on departure and subsequent trips to Singapore upon successful enrolment at the immigration counters.

You are required to provide a valid email address in your SG Arrival card submission to receive your Electronic Visit Pass (e-Pass) when using the automated lanes. You will not be issued an arrival immigration endorsement in your passport. You may enquire the details of your e-Pass at the e-Pass Enquiry Portal.

ACI Advisory Brochure

You may refer to the Advisory Brochure for use of automated lanes if you are notified of your eligibility to use the automated lanes.

Automated Clearance Initiative

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