Automated Lanes at the Passenger Halls

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The Automated Lanes uses biometric technology to provide efficient and secure immigration clearance at ICA checkpoints for travellers aged six and above. [1]

The use of Automated Lanes is free.

[1] For young Singapore citizens who had collected their passports before turning six and wish to use the automated lanes, their biometrics can be enrolled at the manned immigration counters or designated automated lanes at the checkpoints. Refer to the FAQ (under Automated Clearance->Passenger Hall) for more information.


You may use the Automated Lanes if you hold an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) compliant passport and you belong to one of the following categories:

Categories Prerequisites
Singapore citizens,
Singapore permanent residents or
Long-Term Pass card holders
  • Biometric identifiers (iris/facial/fingerprints) have been enrolled with ICA
Holders of a work pass (Work Permit,  S Pass, Employment Pass or Dependant's Pass)
  • Biometric identifiers (iris/facial/fingerprints) have been enrolled with MOM
Travellers who are registered under ICA's Automated Clearance Initiative.
Social visitors on departure
  • Biometric identifiers (iris/facial/fingerprints) have been enrolled during arrival immigration clearance


Documents Required

You must have an ICAO-compliant passport that is valid for at least six months.


Eligibility for ICA's Automated Clearance Initiative (ACI) is assessed during clearance at the manual immigration counters or designated automated lanes. Eligible travellers who are able to use automated lanes will be notified via their Electronic Visit Pass (e-Pass) and do not require any separate registration.

Processing Time

The enrolment process takes less than five minutes for eligible travellers.

Using Automated Lanes

You can download:

Note: Current fingerprint scanning technology cannot accurately read fingerprints that are faint, scarred or excessively wet or dry.

Advisory to Travellers

Note: With the implementation of iris and facial technologies at our checkpoints, travellers are reminded to remove sunglassess, caps, face masks or other head gear that would obstruct their facial and iris images when clearing immigration. They are also advised against wearing coloured or patterned contact lenses to avoid inconvenience during immigration clearance.