Immigration Clearance with Multi-Modal Biometrics

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Singapore has introduced the Multi-Modal Biometrics System (MMBS) to enhance security at ICA Checkpoints. The system enables ICA to capture iris, facial and/or fingerprints of arriving and departing travellers at ICA passenger halls.

With MMBS, travellers aged 6 and above who have already enrolled their iris and facial biometrics with ICA, can enjoy immigration clearance using iris and facial biometrics.

Travellers aged 6 and above who cannot be cleared via iris and facial, or have not enrolled these biometrics with ICA, can continue to clear immigration using fingerprints.

Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass Holders

Singapore citizens, Singapore permanent residents, Long Term Pass holders and international travellers on our Automated Clearance Initiative, are eligible for automated clearance and encouraged to use the automated clearance lanes when travelling.

Travellers who have already enrolled their iris and facial biometrics, will be prompted to use their iris and facial biometrics for clearance. If authentication via iris and facial scans is unsuccessful or if they have yet to enrol their iris and facial biometrics with ICA, travellers will clear immigration using fingerprint.

Foreign Visitors

First-time foreign visitors arriving to Singapore will need to enrol and clear immigration with iris, facial and fingerprints biometrics at the manual counters. During departure, they can enjoy automated clearance with iris and facial biometrics.

On their subsequent trips to Singapore, they can also be cleared with iris and facial biometrics at the manual counters, if they use the same passport.

Advisory to Travellers

With the implementation of iris and facial technologies at our checkpoints, travellers are reminded not to wear sunglasses, caps, or other head gear that would obstruct their iris and facial images when clearing immigration.

They are also advised against wearing coloured or patterned contact lenses to avoid inconvenience. Face masks must also be removed during immigration clearance.

Using the System

MMBS Infographics