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Singapore has introduced the BioScreen fingerprinting system to enhance security at ICA checkpoints. BioScreen enables ICA to capture the thumbprints of arriving and departing travellers, strengthening our ability to verify the identity of travellers.

With BioScreen, travellers aged six and above using the manned counters at immigration checkpoints must scan their thumbprints on arrival and departure. Since April 2016, the BioScreen system has been progressively introduced at checkpoints in passenger halls, and in bus and lorry lanes. BioScreen clearance for those travelling by motorcycle or car will be implemented at a later date.

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

If you are a Singapore citizen or a Singapore permanent resident and you use the automated clearance lanes, also known as enhanced-Immigration Automated Clearance System (eIACS), for departure and arrival, you will not be affected by the implementation of BioScreen. You are encouraged to use these automated lanes for immigration clearance. If you use the manned counters at our checkpoints, you must scan your thumbprints via the BioScreen system.

Foreign Visitors

If you are a foreign visitor to Singapore, you must scan your thumbprints each time you arrive or depart the country. If you scan your thumbprints via BioScreen on arrival, you can use eIACS when you leave Singapore.

Your embarkation card will not be collected when you depart using the automated lane. If you use a manned immigration counter, you will have to go through BioScreen clearance. No departure endorsement will be stamped in your passport when you leave Singapore. 

Please click here to read more about eIACS.

Using BioScreen



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