Departing From Singapore

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This page contains general travel advice as well as useful resources if you are departing from Singapore. Travellers returning to Singapore will be subject to the prevailing entry requirements.

1) General Travel Advice

There are currently no restrictions imposed on departures from Singapore. However, travellers must abide by the entry requirements imposed by the countries you are travelling to

You are advised to check with the authorities of your destination on the travel restrictions and entry requirements imposed on travellers departing from Singapore. You may also refer to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for details on travel restrictions and requirements sorted by destination.

    2) Obtaining COVID-19 Medical Records

    Some destinations may require travellers to present any combination of the following COVID-19 tests and documents, which can be obtained in Singapore.

    Pre-Departure COVID-19 Test Report

    A pre-departure COVID-19 test can be booked with any clinic found on this list. Before booking, you may check with the clinic on the type of test administered, cost and estimated turnaround time for the release of the report, and ensure that the test and report meet the requirements of your destination country. 

    For PCR tests, the clinic will issue a digitally authenticated test certificate. For ART, please confirm with the clinic if digital certificates can be provided.

    Vaccination Certificate

    If you are vaccinated in Singapore and need to show proof of vaccination overseas, you can apply for a digitally authenticated vaccination certificate using Notαrise

    COVID-19 Recovery Certificate

    You can apply for a digitally authenticated recovery certificate via Notαrise for yourself and/or your child, only if you had previously tested positive for COVID-19 on a professionally administered or supervised test at a healthcare provider or test centre in Singapore.

    You may also wish to check with the authorities of your destination if other forms of proof of past infection are accepted (e.g. positive test result slip).

    If you have queries about the digital certificates above, refer to the Notαrise FAQ or write to for assistance.