Three-Quarter Tank Rule for Departing Vehicles

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If you are taking a Singapore-registered motor vehicle out of Singapore via the land checkpoints, you must have at least three-quarters of a tank of motor fuel when you depart. The three-quarter tank rule applies to vehicles running on diesel*, petrol and/or compressed natural gas (CNG). For hybrid vehicles running on petrol and CNG, drivers should ensure that both the petrol and CNG fuel tanks are at least three-quarter full.

Drivers who do not meet the rule will be committing an offence and may have to pay a fine, or be prosecuted in court.  Drivers may also be required to perform a U-turn at the land checkpoints.

For more information on the three-quarter tank rule, see Singapore Customs website.

*With effect from 1 April 2019, the three-quarter tank rule will be expanded to cover Singapore-registered diesel-powered vehicles.