Change of Residential Address on Identity Card

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All Identity Card (IC) holders, including Singapore citizens and permanent residents who are residing overseas, are required to report a change of residential address within 28 days of moving into a new (local or overseas) residence. Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident children who have not been issued ICs do not need to update their address.

Apply Online Procedure

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From 1 October 2020, all change of residential address shall be reported via the e-Service in the following steps.

  1.  Login to the e-Service with your Singpass and select your preferred language. You can apply for others (e.g. your family members) in the same application, if they are residing with you at your new address. Ensure that the information you have provided in the application is correct before submitting it.
  2. You will receive ICA’s mail, containing a 6-digit PIN, at your new residential address. For local addresses, you should receive ICA’s mail within one week. For overseas addresses, international delivery time is dependent on the postal service of the country.
  3. Continue with your application at the e-Service. On the page showing your application status, click on 'Verify PIN' and key in the 6-digit PIN.
  4. Once the PIN is verified, your new address will be updated in ICA’s records immediately. Participating government agencies and statutory boards will be informed of your new address through the One-Stop Change of Address Reporting Service (OSCARS) within one working day.
  5. You will receive a sticker bearing your new address by mail. Follow the instructions in the mail to affix the sticker on your IC.

You may contact us via the enquiry from with a screenshot of the error message if you encounter any problem with the e-Service.

Please refer to the following instructional videos on the guide to update your address and affixing the address sticker on your Identity Card.


Update Address in Three Easy Steps

Affix the Address Sticker on your Identity Card

You can select the video guide in different languages (English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil) by clicking on the playlist menu located at the top of the video screen.

Enquire Enquire Application Status

At any stage of the application, you can enquire the status by logging into the same e-Service.

Change of Residential Address with Application for Identity Card

If you have submitted an application for a replacement IC, or re-registration for a new IC, and indicated a new address in the application, you will also receive ICA’s mail containing the 6-digit PIN. Your IC application will only be processed after the PIN is verified on the e-Service. You will receive a new NRIC bearing the new address instead of a sticker bearing the new address.

Request for Replacement Address Sticker

You may request for a replacement address sticker via the e-Service:

  • If you did not receive the address sticker after successfully changing your residential address;
  • If your current address sticker is damaged, misplaced, or has faded over time.

Registration of Local Contact Address

Singapore citizens who have changed to an overseas residential address on their IC need to register a Local Contact Address (LCA), in order to have your name entered or retained in the Registers of Electors, maintained by the Elections Department (ELD) of Singapore. Visit the ELD website to register your LCA online using your Singpass.


There is no fee to register a change of address.