Information on Change of Race

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A person is allowed to change his/her race twice: once before the age of 21 and once at or after the age of 21.

A child’s race can follow either parent’s race or an acceptable hybrid race. A Singapore citizen may also choose a double-barrelled race (i.e. comprising both parents’ races).

Singapore CitizenSingapore Permanent Resident
You can submit your application through this form to change your race.

For Singapore Citizens aged 21 years old and above

You are required to submit your own application. You may apply for a change of race for your children in a single request if their race is affected by your application.

For Singapore Citizens below 21 years old

The parent (applicant) is required to submit the application. All siblings below 21 years old from the same set of parents should have the same recorded race.
You are required to write in to Re-Entry Permit (REP) unit ( for your race change request.

Once the race change application is approved, you may proceed with the IC registration/re-registration; or replacement IC application. Please refer to the related links below for more information.  


There is no fee to apply for a change of race.

However, if you/your child(ren) is/are an IC holder, you/your child(ren) will be required to apply for a change of particulars on the IC after the race change has been approved. The prevailing procedures and fee for a change of particulars on IC/replacement IC will apply.