Roll Out of e-Pass to All Checkpoints and Launch of ICA's e-Pass Enquiry Portal

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From 11 March 2022, all foreign visitors arriving in Singapore will receive an electronic Visit Pass (e-Pass) through email in lieu of inked endorsement stamps on the passport. The e-Pass will contain details of the visit pass granted, including the maximum number of day(s) of stay and the last day of stay allowed in Singapore.

Foreign visitors to Singapore are reminded to obtain a valid Singapore visa (if applicable) and the relevant entry approval in accordance with prevailing border control and health protocols, before seeking entry into Singapore. They should also submit their SG Arrival Card within three days prior to the date of arrival in Singapore. As the e-Pass will be sent to the email address indicated in the SG Arrival Card submission, visitors are reminded to provide a valid email address. 

Foreign visitors will enjoy the convenience of retrieving their e-Pass information via ICA’s e-Pass Enquiry Portal on the SG Arrival Card e-Service platform at any time. They are required to input the Disembarkation/Embarkation (DE) number issued during their SG Arrival Card submission to access the information.

If you encounter any problems with the e-Pass Enquiry Portal, you may submit your enquiry via the ICA Feedback Form with a screenshot of the error message (if available).


Infographic on roll out of e-Pass to all checkpoints and launch of enquiry portal