Advisory on Fake or Misleading Websites

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The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) would like to warn members of the public on fake ICA websites and/or misleading websites that offer ICA’s e-Services.


The official ICA website is and all of ICA’s official e-Services can be found on the e-Services and Forms page.


Fake ICA Websites


ICA would like to warn members of the public of fake websites that may look similar to the official ICA website or e-Service pages. These websites may be an attempt to phish personal information.


ICA takes a serious view of fake websites as they undermine public trust in our system and processes. Members of the public who spot any fake websites should report it to the Police via the anti-scam helpline (1800 722 6688) or via

Misleading Websites

Members of the public should also be aware of websites that offer immigration-related services. These websites usually carry features or names to give the impression that they are affiliated to the government or are authorised to provide such services.

One such example is the submission of the SG Arrival Card cum electronic Health Declaration ("SG Arrival Card"). ICA has received reports from members of the public who had transacted with such websites as they had the impression that they were submitting to ICA’s official SG Arrival Card e-Service. They were subsequently charged a processing fee, when the same submission done via ICA’s official SG Arrival Card e-Service would have been free of charge.


Official ICA websites or e-Services’ URLs will always contain “”. For example:


Members of the public are advised to transact with ICA through our official website and e-Services pages.