Completion of Formalities and Issuance of LTVP

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LTVP Completion of Formalities (For Applications Submitted on or after 26 June 2024)

1.     Upon in-principle approval of the LTVP application, you will be informed of the tasks required to complete the formalities. This may include completing a medical check-up. These tasks have to be completed before the expiry of the in-principle approval, otherwise the application will be considered withdrawn.

2.     Do note that the in-principle approval of the LTVP application is not an immigration pass and does not confer any valid stay to the applicant.

3.     Once the uploaded document(s) are verified by ICA, the applicant will be notified to make payment online. Payment must be made within 14 days, otherwise the application will be withdrawn. The payment may include:

  • S$60 for applicant's LTVP;
  • S$30 for a Multiple Journey Visa (if applicable)

4.     Upon successful payment, the applicant will be informed if he/she is required to visit ICA Building (Level 3) physically for the LTVP completion of formalities. Applicants who are not required to visit ICA Building will be issued the LTVP upon making the necessary payment. The LTVP can be viewed via FileSG by the next working day or through their Singpass app after three working days. Successful LTVP applicants who are graduates from IHL seeking employment or seeking permission to give birth in Singapore can only access their LTVP via FileSG.

5.     The completion of formalities is strictly by appointment. Applicants are reminded to be punctual for their appointment with ICA.

Issuance of Digital LTVP

LTVP holders will receive an email from ICA (via FileSG) on how to retrieve the digital pass.

Samples of Digital LTVP

Singpass Digital LTVPFileSG Digital Long-Term Visit Pass