Alteration of Child's Name on Birth Certificate

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Parents may apply to alter their child’s name before the child turns one year old, provided that the child’s name has not been previously altered. Only the child’s parent or legal guardian may apply to alter the child’s name.

Documents Required and Procedure

Please submit your application through this form


You will need to provide the following documents/information for the online application:

  • NRIC of both parents (or foreign passport and FIN card for foreigners)
  • Letter of consent duly signed by the other parent (who is named in child’s birth certificate)

Note: If there is no consent letter from the other parent, the applying parent has to produce a court order stating that the applicant has the full control and rights to change the child’s particulars unilaterally without the other parent’s consent.


Applicant may also be required to submit other supporting documents (where applicable).


Upon approval, your child’s digital birth certificate which was issued previously will be cancelled and a new digital birth certificate reflecting the child’s new name will be issued.


The fee for an application to alter your child’s name is S$33. You will also be required to pay S$18 for the issuance of a new digital birth certificate.

For the online application, you can pay via:

  • Credit / Debit card
  • PayNow

All fees are non-refundable.

Processing Time

The application takes 3 working days, if all required documents were submitted.