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Have you done your HOME work?

As a homeowner renting out your property, you have the duty to ensure that your tenants are NOT illegal immigrants or overstayers. Complete the 2-step HOMEWORK: ✅CHECK & ✅COMPARE

Step 1: CHECK – Verify the validity of your tenant’s original immigration or work passes (physical or digital). 

- For Immigration passes (Student’s pass | Long Term Visit pass): 

- For Work passes (Work Permit | S Pass | Employment Pass): 

Step 2: COMPARE – Make sure that the tenant is the rightful owner of the original pass and passport.;

👁 If you have information on suspected immigration offenders, report it to ICA via our online form:

❗️Under the law, any person caught harbouring immigration offenders may be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 2 years and a fine not exceeding S$6,000.