Photo Guidelines

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Things to note

  • A new coloured photograph must be submitted when applying for a new application.
  • Printed photograph for hardcopy submission must be on a matte or semi matte finish (non-reflective photo).
  • Your photograph must meet ICA’s requirements. ICA’s passport photo requirements are based on specifications by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).
  • Please refer to the “Dos and Don’ts” in the next section for details. Failure to meet these requirements can delay your application or result in its rejection.
Q1:Can I use a photograph taken with my mobile phone for an application requiring photo ID, e.g. passport or identity card application?
A1:We recommend that you download and use mobile apps that are specifically designed to take photographs for passport or identity card applications. These apps usually come with features that will help you take photographs in the required dimensions. Some suggested search-words you can use on the Android Play Store or Apple App Store are ‘Singapore Passport’, ‘Singapore IC’ and ‘Photo’. The photograph will be accepted if it complies with our photo guidelines.

*Possible Apps include  “IC Photo Singapore”, “Passport Size Photo Maker” or “Passport Photo ID Maker Studio – ID Photo Editor”.

You can also use the image editing software in your computer to resize the digital photograph.

Please note that your photograph must not be altered or enhanced in any way. This includes the modification of facial features and/or the usage of photo editing software.

*These apps are based on customers’ feedback, who found them useful. They are not endorsed by ICA in any way.
Q2:Can I take a selfie with my mobile phone for an application requiring photo ID, e.g. passport or identity card application?
A2:We do not recommend selfie as the result is usually not ideal and will cause delay to your application. We recommend that that you ask someone to help you take the photo if you are using your mobile phone camera. Do familiarise with our photo guidelines first.
Q3:What is the recommended dimensions for online photo submission?
A3:The dimension is 400X514 pixels for upload of photos via e-Services.

Additional requirements

FunctionImage file formatFile size no more than
Application for passportjpg, jpeg, heic, heif or png file extension 2 MB
Re-registration for identity cardjpg, jpeg or png file extension2 MB
Application for permanent residencejpg or jpeg file extension1 MB
All other applicationsjpg file extension60 KB

Dos and Don'ts