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New Immigration Kiosks at Woodlands Train Checkpoint Increases Automated Clearance Capacity and Provides Faster Clearance

            Since March 2023, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has progressively operationalised 10 bi-directional self-clearance immigration kiosks, which can clear both departing and arriving train passengers, at the Woodlands Train Checkpoint (WTCP).

2.          The WTCP clears 31 departing and arriving train trips, and close to 10,000 passengers (maximum capacity) daily. The increased clearance throughput enabled by the 10 kiosks will prevent overcrowding at the train platforms and allow arriving trains to turn around more quickly.

Innovating within Space Constraints

3.          At WTCP, there are only three automated lanes with flappers, similar to those found in the passenger halls of our air and sea checkpoints today. Given the infrastructure and space constraints at WTCP, implementing additional automated lanes is not possible.

4.          To tackle this challenge, ICA decided to have the processes of passport scanning and biometric capture performed at kiosks, rather than the usual automated lanes, as the kiosks take up significantly less physical space. The kiosks are arranged in clusters, effectively utilising the limited space available. These are the first kiosks for immigration clearance that ICA has implemented at our checkpoints.

Who is Eligible?

5.          Singapore residents, long-term pass holders, and short-term visitors [1] who had previously enrolled under the Automated Clearance Initiative (ACI) are eligible to use these kiosks to perform immigration self-clearance. Short-term visitors who have yet to enrol under the ACI, and families with children below the age of six, must continue to use the manual counters for immigration clearance. By end-2023, enrolment for eligible first-time visitors [2] will be made available at WTCP.

Immigration Clearance Process at Kiosks

6.          Immigration clearance through these kiosks is similar to that at the automated lanes. The process is as follows:

          i.           The entry barrier will open when there is an available kiosk. Enter the cluster when it is your turn and proceed to any available kiosk.

          ii.           Remove your passport cover (if any) and insert your passport into the kiosk for scanning.

          iii.          Present your biometrics (iris and facial) for verification.

          iv.          Once immigration clearance is completed, proceed to the exit barrier for identity verification before proceeding on your journey.

7.          Travellers are reminded not to wear sunglasses, caps or other head gear that may obstruct their iris and facial images from being properly captured, when clearing immigration at the kiosks. They are also advised not to wear coloured or patterned contact lenses. Face masks must be removed. ICA officers will be around to assist travellers who require assistance.

Enhanced Traveller Clearance Experience

8.          Each self-clearance transaction at the kiosk takes approximately 24 seconds, as compared to 45 seconds at the manual counter. This has resulted in a faster clearance experience for travellers.

9.          Deputy Commander of Woodlands Checkpoint, Superintendent of ICA, Tong Weijie said, “The implementation of the self-clearance kiosks has provided travellers with a speedier clearance experience, while enabling ICA to redeploy some officers to areas that require more manpower support. Many travellers have welcomed this initiative. ICA will continue to adapt and innovate to improve the clearance experience and manage congestion at the land checkpoints.”

14 JUNE 2023

[1] All short-term visitors, including holders of in-principle approval for long-term pass, are required to submit their Singapore Arrival Card (SGAC) with health declaration within three days prior to their arrival in Singapore. Due to the high volume of traffic and daily commuting for employment and studies, Singapore residents (Singapore citizens, permanent residents and long-term pass holders) are exempted from submitting a health declaration if they are returning to Singapore via the land checkpoints. They will have to do so if they enter Singapore via the sea and air checkpoints. Travellers are encouraged to use the MyICA mobile app for this, which can be downloaded for free from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), to avoid being misled by commercial entities and websites providing such services for a fee.

[2] The eligibility criteria for foreign visitors can be found on (