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Land Checkpoints: Continuous Heavy Traffic Observed During The June School Holidays and is Expected for The Upcoming Hari Raya Haji Holiday

            With the upcoming Hari Raya Haji holiday on 29 June 2023 (Thursday), heavy traffic situation is expected at both Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints between 28 June 2023 (Wednesday) and 3 July 2023 (Monday).

2.          During the June school holidays, there was continuous heavy traffic at the land checkpoints. Traveller volume had peaked on 16 June at around 430,000 crossings, which exceeded pre-COVID levels. More than 1.2 million travellers, averaging about 406,000 crossings per day, used the land checkpoints during the period of 16 June to 18 June 2023. During that weekend, ICA noted that there were long queues of cars waiting to clear departure coupled with continuous tailbacks from Malaysia. Despite the start of school on 26 June 2023, more than 1.1 million travellers cleared through immigration at the land checkpoints in the last weekend (23 June to 25 June 2023).

3.          ICA thus advises that those departing via the land checkpoints by car or bus, are advised to factor in additional waiting time for immigration clearance. Travellers departing by car should expect waiting times of close to three hours for peak periods over long weekends, similar to pre-COVID days.

Facilitating immigration clearance while ensuring safe and secure movement of travellers  

4.          Several initiatives have been introduced to alleviate the traffic situation and improve travellers’ experience. At the passenger halls of the land checkpoints, ICA has implemented the Automated Clearance Initiative (ACI)[1] which allows Singapore residents, Malaysians, and eligible first-time foreign visitors, to clear immigration via the automated lanes without the need for prior enrolment. This together with introducing more automated lanes at the bus halls has allowed ICA to make automated clearance the default mode at the passenger halls, increasing our clearance throughput for bus passengers.

5.          To minimise the waiting time for buses and prevent overcrowding at the bus concourse of Woodlands Checkpoint, ICA also works closely with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and cross-border bus service providers such as SBS Transit and Causeway Link to increase the frequency of public buses to cope with the increased traveller volume. A loop system was implemented for Causeway Link buses, allowing bus drivers to drop-off and pick up travellers within the checkpoint without needing to clear immigration.

6.          During peak periods, more officers will be deployed to perform crowd control at the bus concourses, bus halls and the walkway from Woodlands Train Checkpoint leading into the bus hall at Woodlands Checkpoint. Industrial fans and mobile toilets have also been installed at both land checkpoints to improve travellers’ experience.

7.          Additionally, ICA has enhanced the immigration clearance process at Woodlands Train Checkpoint by installing 10 new bi-directional self-clearance immigration kiosks. Each self-clearance transaction at the kiosk takes approximately 24 seconds, as compared to 45 seconds at the manual counter. Travellers could thus enjoy faster and more seamless immigration clearance. The kiosks are currently available for Singapore residents, long-term pass holders, and short-term visitors who had previously enrolled under the ACI.

Things to note for a smoother journey

8.          Before embarking on their journey, motorists are advised to check the traffic situation at the land checkpoints through the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s One Motoring website or via the Expressway Monitoring & Advisory System installed along the BKE and AYE. Motorists can also get updates through ICA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as local radio broadcasts on Money 89.3, One 91.3, Kiss92, Hao 96.3, UFM 100.3.

9.          ICA works closely with Traffic Police to ensure road discipline at the critical junctions and roads leading to the land checkpoints. Motorists should refrain from queue cutting as it can cause severe congestion and compromise the safety of other motorists. They are advised to observe traffic rules, maintain lane discipline, and cooperate with officers on-site. Errant motorists caught queue cutting will be turned back into Singapore.

10.         ICA seeks travellers’ understanding and cooperation to be patient, observe traffic rules, maintain lane discipline, and cooperate with officers on-site when using the land checkpoints.

27 JUNE 2023

[1] All short-term visitors, including holders of in-principle approval for long-term pass, are required to submit their Singapore Arrival Card (SGAC) with health declaration within three days prior to their arrival in Singapore. Due to the high volume of traffic and daily commuting for employment and studies, Singapore residents (Singapore citizens, permanent residents and long-term pass holders) are exempted from submitting a health declaration if they are returning to Singapore via the land checkpoints. They will have to do so if they enter Singapore via the sea and air checkpoints. Travellers are encouraged to use the MyICA Mobile app for this, which can be downloaded for free from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), to avoid being misled by commercial entities and websites providing such services for a fee. The eligibility criteria for foreign visitors can be found on (