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ICA Will Issue Only Digital Long-Term Passes From 27 February 2023; Issuance of Physical Cards Will Cease

              From 27 February 2023, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will cease issuing physical Long-Term Pass (LTP) cards. Only digital LTPs will be issued. This will apply to the ICA-issued Long-Term Visit Pass and Student’s Pass, and Dependant’s Pass granted by the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

2.            From 27 February 2023, LTP holders can easily access their digital LTP through the MyICA mobile app, MyICA e-Service on the ICA website (, or FileSG.[1] [2] LTP holders who have a Singpass account can also view their digital LTPs on the Singpass app.[3]   

3.            Physical LTP cards issued prior to 27 February 2023 will remain valid until they expire or are cancelled. 

4.            ICA had engaged public agencies, schools and foreign missions to inform them of the change.

Benefits of Digital LTPs

5.            Reduce need to visit ICA: Currently, all successful LTP applicants need to visit the ICA Building in person to complete the formalities and collect their LTP card. With the digital LTP, the process will now be digitalised from end to end, i.e. from application to issuance. This means that most LTP applicants, especially those who are renewing their LTP, will no longer need to visit ICA for this purpose. 

6.             No risk of lost/damaged cards: LTP holders no longer risk misplacing or damaging their pass. The digital LTP can be accessed and downloaded to their personal devices, or printed out for those who prefer to keep a hardcopy or have limited access to electronic devices. 

7.             Downloadable via multiple platforms and formats: LTP holders will have several avenues to access and download their digital LTP, through the MyICA mobile app, ICA website, or FileSG. The digital LTP is downloadable in two file formats: Portable Document Format (PDF) and OpenAttestation (OA)[4] .  

8.             Secure authentication: There are two ways of authenticating the digital LTP. 

        i. Go to the FileSG portal and scan the QR code on the digital LTP using the scanner function on the portal itself; or  

        ii. Upload the digital LTPs in OA format onto the FileSG portal for verification. 

9.             LTP holders who need help to access or download their digital pass can approach family members or local sponsors for assistance. Alternatively, they may submit an online feedback form via ICA’s website, or visit the ICA Building (Level 4) for assistance.  

Ensuring Security of Digital LTPs 

10.             The following data protection and privacy measures are in place to prevent unauthorised access, as well as breach of personal information: 

        i. LTP holders who wish to retrieve and download their digital LTPs will be required to log in to the MyICA mobile app, ICA website, or FileSG, using Singpass. 

        ii. For those without a Singpass account, they can log in using their (1) Foreign Identification Number (FIN), (2) date of birth, and (3) unique transaction ID sent to them in the email informing them that their digital LTPs is ready. They will also be required to provide the One-Time Password sent to their mobile number before they can access their digital LTPs. 

10 FEBRUARY 2023

Annex A

Type of Long-Term Pass (LTP)

Currently-issued physical LTP card

Downloadable digital LTP issued from 27 Feb 2023 
Long-Term Visit Pass  Front:
Physical LTVP card front

Physical LTVP card back
 Downloadable digital LTP issued from 27 Feb 2023
Student's Pass  Front:
Physical STP card front

Physical STP card back

 Downloadable digital LTP issued from 27 Feb 2023 (Student Pass)
Dependant's Pass  Front:
Physical Dependant's Pass Card front

Physical Dependant's Pass Card back
 Downloadable digital LTP issued from 27 Feb 2023 (Dependant's Pass)

[1] MyICA is a personalised portal where customers can access ICA’s e-Services on a secure electronic platform as well as view their latest and past transactions with ICA.

[2] FileSG is a secure digital document management platform, developed by GovTech, that allows members of the public to easily access and download documents issued by the Government. It will be accessible to the public from 27 Feb 2023

[3]For LTP holders below the age of 15, their sponsors who have a Singpass account will also be issued a copy of the LTP holder’s digital LTP, and can access it via the MyICA mobile app, ICA website (, or FileSG.

[4]The OpenAttestation format is a cryptographically trustworthy file format that can be verified independently without having to query a central database.