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Health Declaration No Longer Required for Vaccinated Singapore Residents and Long-Term Pass Holders Using The Land Checkpoints

Travel Advice for Good Friday Weekend

            Since 27 March 2020, all travellers arriving in Singapore, including Singapore residents (citizens and permanent residents) and long-term pass (LTP) holders[1], must submit a health declaration before proceeding with immigration clearance. The health declaration is to be submitted via the SG Arrival Card e-Service, which is available on the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)’s website or mobile application.

2.          Given the volume of traffic at the land checkpoints, to provide greater convenience for fully vaccinated Singapore residents and LTP holders arriving via these checkpoints, in particular those who commute across the border daily for employment and studies, the Government will lift the health declaration requirement for these travellers from 15 April 2022, if they meet the following conditions: 

Vaccination Conditions
Vaccinated in Singapore i) Must not have travel history to any country/region in the Restricted Category in the past seven days[2]

ii) Their vaccination status must be reflected in the TraceTogether and/or HealthHub apps
Vaccinated outside of Singapore

i) Must not have travel history to any country/region in the Restricted Category in the past seven days

ii) Their vaccination record must be transmitted to MOH’s system upon their first entry[3]:
- If they have a digital overseas vaccination certificate, they must submit their digital certificate successfully via ICA’s Vaccination Check Portal (VCP) before arriving in Singapore[4];
- If they have a non-digital overseas vaccination certificate or their digital certificate was not successfully submitted via VCP, they must present their vaccination certificate to ICA officers at the manual immigration counters upon arrival.

3.          All other travellers arriving via the land checkpoints are still required to submit their health declaration via the SG Arrival Card e-Service within three days prior to their arrival in Singapore. This includes non-fully vaccinated Singapore residents and LTP holders, all short-term visitors[5], as well as all travellers who have travel history to any country/region in the Restricted Category in the past seven days. 

4.          The health declaration requirement continues to apply for all travellers (including Singapore residents and LTP holders) arriving via air and sea. 


Advice to travellers using the land checkpoints

5.          As the land borders are now open to all modes of transport, the traffic flowing through Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints is getting heavier. Travellers who plan to use the Woodlands or Tuas Checkpoints for travel to Singapore and/or Malaysia during this Good Friday Weekend from 14 to 17 April 2022, are advised to factor in additional time for immigration clearance, and to check the traffic situation before embarking on their journey. They can do so through the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s One Motoring website or via the Expressway Monitoring & Advisory System (EMAS) installed along the BKE and AYE respectively. Motorists can also check ICA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates on the traffic situation at both land checkpoints. 

6.          At the peak of the Good Friday long weekend period in 2019, travellers departing Singapore via the land checkpoints by car and motorcycle had to wait up to three hours and one-and-a-half hours respectively. Those arriving by car had to wait up to one hour during the same period. Travellers are thus advised to plan ahead and avoid the following peak hours: 

Departing Singapore Arriving in Singapore
  • 4pm (14 April) to 2am (15 April)
  • 5am to 1pm (15 April)
  • 12pm to 11.59pm (17 April)

7.          Travellers are also reminded to note the following, so that they will not experience undue delay or issues during immigration clearance.

Prepare all necessary documents

8.          They should check and ensure that they have all the necessary documents, such as:
i) their passport, which must have a remaining validity of six months or more;
ii) valid Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP), LTA approval email and Autopass card (if they are drivers of foreign-registered vehicles intending to enter Singapore).

Update new passport particulars

9.        Singapore permanent residents who have renewed their passport will have to transfer their Re-Entry Permit (REP) to the new passport. LTP holders will need to notify ICA or the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of any change in their passport particulars, before their entry into Singapore. 

Comply with other requirements

10.         Travellers are also reminded not to bring in prohibited items. If they are bringing in dutiable or controlled items, they must proactively make declarations to our officers prior to being checked.

11.         Departing travellers driving Singapore-registered cars are reminded to observe the “three-quarter tank” rule. Offenders may be issued with a composition sum of up to $500 or prosecuted in court. They will be turned back at the land checkpoints, and not allowed to proceed with their journey into Malaysia.

12.         To keep yourself updated on the latest entry requirements for travelling to Singapore, please visit

Clearance efficiency without compromising security  

13.         ICA will take the necessary measures to facilitate immigration clearance without compromising security. Our checkpoint officers monitor traffic conditions in real-time, to ensure optimal deployment of resources. We also work with the Traffic Police to ensure road discipline at the critical junctions leading to the land checkpoints. We seek travellers’ understanding and cooperation when using the land checkpoints. 

13 APRIL 2022 

[1] Includes all ICA-issued LTP holders (e.g. Long-Term Visit Pass, Student’s Pass) and MOM-issued LTP holders (e.g. Work Pass, Employment Pass, Dependant’s Pass, etc.)

[2] There are currently no countries/regions in the Restricted Category.

[3] Those who were vaccinated overseas would only need to undergo the process once, to transmit their vaccination record to MOH’s system. They are not required to upload or present their vaccination certificate during their subsequent trips to Singapore.

[4] Available on the SafeTravel website.

[5] Short-term visitors will also need to submit their arrival information via the SG Arrival Card e-Service.