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Close To 15kg Of Drugs Seized At Woodlands Checkpoint

           On 18 and 21 December 2020, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority officers (ICA) foiled separate attempts to smuggle controlled drugs concealed in two arriving Malaysia-registered lorries via Woodlands Checkpoint. These detections prompted subsequent anti-drug enforcement operations conducted by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB).

2.         A total of about 4,622g of heroin, 5,393g of ‘Ice’, 5,482g of cannabis, 247g of ketamine, 5,111 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets and 5,383 Erimin-5 tablets were recovered. Seven suspected drug offenders, comprising six males and one female aged between 20 and 55, were arrested at multiple locations in Singapore. The drugs seized are estimated to be worth close to $2.3million.

Detection on 18 December 2020

3.         On 18 December at about 5.50 pm, a Malaysia-registered lorry transporting a consignment of beansprouts was referred by ICA officers for further checks. During the course of checks, seven bundles of controlled drugs, containing about 4,622g of heroin and 521g of ‘Ice’, were found. The 38-year-old male Malaysian driver and the 24-year-old male passenger were promptly arrested and referred to CNB for investigation.

Detection on 21 December 2020

4.         In the second case detected on 21 December at about 1.35pm, a Malaysia-registered lorry, transporting furniture and spare vehicle parts, was similarly directed for further checks. The officers’ suspicions were aroused when they noticed anomalies in the scanned x-ray images of the consignment declared as “personal effect”. During the course of checks, ICA officers uncovered packages containing a total of 4,368g of ‘Ice’, 5,110g of cannabis, 4,900 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets and 4,750 Erimin-5 tablets, concealed within the furniture. The 44-year-old male Malaysian driver and the 55-year-old male passenger were arrested and referred to the CNB for investigation.

5.         In a follow-up operation, CNB officers raided a residential unit in the vicinity of Bedok North Street 2. A total of about 215g of cannabis was recovered in the unit and a 20-year-old male Singaporean was arrested. Following up from this raid, CNB officers then arrested a 22-year-old male Singaporean and 22-year-old female Singaporean in the vicinity of Geylang Lorong 26. A search was conducted in the couple’s hideout in the same vicinity, and a total of about 504g of ‘Ice’, 157g of cannabis, 247g of ketamine, 211 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets and 633 Erimin-5 tablets were seized.

6.         Investigations into the drug activities and suspects are ongoing. The total amount of drugs seized is sufficient to feed the addiction of 2,200 heroin abusers, 3,080 ‘Ice’ abusers, and 780 cannabis abusers for a week.

7.         Our borders are our first line of defence in safeguarding Singapore’s security. ICA has also stepped up security checks and screening at all checkpoints, as well as the frequency of patrols during this festive season. The ICA and CNB will continue to conduct security checks at the checkpoints to prevent attempts to smuggle undesirable persons, drugs, weapons, explosives and other contrabands across our borders.


23 December 2020


Photo 1 (CNB)
Photo 1 (CNB)
: Heroin and ‘Ice’ found within a Malaysia-registered lorry, at Woodlands Checkpoint, on 18 December 2020.

Photo 2 (CNB)
Photo 2 (CNB)
: Controlled drugs found within a Malaysia-registered lorry, at Woodlands Checkpoint, on 21 December 2020.

Photo 3 (CNB)
Photo 3 (CNB)
: Cannabis, 'Ice' and 'Ecstasy' tablets seized at Woodlands Checkpoint, on 21 December 2020