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Response To Media Queries On Denying Entry To Foreign Vehicles With A Number Of Outstanding Fines

          As of 8am on 3 April 2019, 50 foreign vehicles have been turned away from entering Singapore, at both land checkpoints.

2.       Traffic at the land checkpoints is dynamic and can be affected by many different factors, including peak hour travels, school holidays, and events like the ongoing Qing Ming festival. The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) monitors arrival and departure traffic conditions in real-time across the different conveyance modes, and adjusts our deployment of resources accordingly.

3.         ICA had planned ahead for this initiative, and clearance time for incoming vehicles at our checkpoints has not been affected due to the turning away of these foreign vehicles with outstanding fines. All vehicles to be turned away are diverted to separate parking spaces to be processed, and as such it does not affect the flow of other traffic.

4.          We will continue to monitor the implementation of the new policy on the traffic situation at the land checkpoints, and seek the cooperation of foreign motorists to settle all outstanding fines promptly.

3 APRIL 2019