Renunciation of Singapore Citizenship

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A citizen of Singapore can only renounce his/her Singapore citizenship if he/she:

  • Is aged 21 and above;
  • Is of sound mind; and
  • Has acquired the citizenship of another country.
The Government may reject the renunciation of Singapore citizenship by a male citizen if he has enjoyed citizenship privileges, including possession or use of the Singapore passport, and has outstanding National Service (NS) obligations.


Documents Required
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You will need to provide original documents and official translations (for documents in languages other than English), as well as copies of the documents for ICA to retain.

ICA accepts:

  • Translations provided by the embassy of the country that issued the document
  • Translations produced by a notary public in Singapore or the country that issued the document
  • Privately created translations attested by the embassy of the country that issued the document, or notarised by a notary public in Singapore or the country that issued the document.

ICA does not endorse any private translation companies or entities. Insufficient documentation may result in non-acceptance of your application. You may be required to provide additional documents to support your application.

Certified True Copies to Upload: You will need to upload certified true copies* of the following Documents:

  • Foreign citizenship certificate
  • Valid foreign passport (if obtained)
  • Deed poll/ change of name certificate / Religious/ Baptism certificate/ Marriage certificate, if there has been a change to your name.

*Note: Certified true copies must be duly notarized by a Notary Public, Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Oaths (with his/her Official Seal/ Stamp affixed / Appointment letter) or Consular Officer of Singapore. Documents that are not printed in the English language must be officially translated into English. For translations, ICA accepts translations provided by any Notary Public or the Embassy of the document-issuing country or a privately translated copy certified by the Embassy of the document-issuing country or notarized by a local Notary Public.

Forms to Upload: You will also need to submit the following Mandatory Forms:

Documents to Return to ICA: You will also need to return the following documents to ICA:

  • Original Singapore Identity Card (IC)
  • Valid Singapore Passport
  • Singapore Citizenship Certificate (if applicable)

Apply Online Procedure


Online Application Portal:

You are to submit your Singapore Citizenship Renunciation application via the online application portal. It will take you approximately 30 mins to complete. As there is no save function, please ensure you have prepared all the required certified true copy documents and mandatory forms before you begin. You may refer to the step-by-step User Guide – Singapore Citizenship Renunciation.  

Mandatory Forms to Uploaded in Online Application Portal:

You will need to complete the following mandatory forms to be uploaded as part of your online application. You are recommended to complete them before you start the online application.

Originals to send to ICA:

The originals of the following documents will need to be received by ICA before your renunciation application can be processed:

You can send them by registered post to:

  • The nearest Singapore Overseas Missions (if overseas), or
  • Immigration Registration & Review, Integrated Services Centre, ICA Building, Level 5, 10 Kallang Road, Singapore 208718

Note: You may be asked for proof of postage such as tracking number and status of delivery for the required documents that you have sent to ICA.



The processing fee is S$35. All processing fees will be collected online when you apply. You can pay via:

  • Credit / Debit card; or
  • Paynow

Processing Time

The general processing time is approximately three months from receipt of all required documents. Some applications may take a longer time to process. If you have selected a cooling off period, the processing time will be longer.