Register and Download Digital Stillbirth Certificate

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A stillbirth in Singapore will be automatically registered once a doctor certifies the stillbirth online. There is no need for the parents to register a stillbirth at a registration counter.

Information and Documents Required

Parents will need to produce identification documents (e.g. NRIC, FIN card or passport) to the doctor/hospital to facilitate the certification of the stillbirth.

The certifying doctor will need to minimally provide the following stillbirth particulars:

  • Stillborn child’s sex
  • Date of stillbirth
  • Time of stillbirth
  • Place/address where stillbirth occurred
  • Cause of death
  • Mother’s particulars (name, identification document number and date of birth)


The doctor at the hospital will certify the stillbirth online and the stillbirth will be automatically registered.

Note: The doctor will issue a manual document known as Confirmation of Stillbirth to the parents if the system is unavailable. The doctor will subsequently certify the stillbirth online and the stillbirth will be automatically registered.

The Confirmation of Stillbirth is accepted by NEA and Town Councils for funeral, burial or cremation-related applications. If there is difficulty using this document to apply for the Permit to Bury/Cremate, the parents or funeral service provider should contact NEA 24-hour hotline at 6225 5632 for assistance.


There is no fee for stillbirth registration and issuance of a digital stillbirth certificate.

Download Processing Time and Download of Stillbirth Certificate

After the doctor has certified the stillbirth online, parents will have to download the digital stillbirth certificate at My Legacy website within 30 days.

The certifying doctor/hospital will provide the following information to you to download the digital stillbirth certificate:

  • Stillbirth Certificate number (or Confirmation of Stillbirth document number)
  • Mother’s Identification Document number
  • Date of Stillbirth

You may contact 6589 8707, a 24-hour dedicated hotline, if you have any query relating to the stillbirth registration process and digital stillbirth certificate. Alternatively, you may contact ICA at

Note: Digital stillbirth certificates are issued for stillbirths that are certified by a doctor from 29 May 2022. Parents are advised to save the digital stillbirth certificate in your personal devices for future retrieval.

Parents who wish to name their stillborn child may submit an application for a commemorative birth certificate.