Report Death that Occurred Overseas

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If a Singapore citizen or permanent resident had died overseas, the next of kin should register the death and get a death certificate from the foreign authorities in the country where the person had died. 

The deceased's next of kin will then need to report the death to ICA Registry of Births and Deaths. The reporting can also be done by a proxy with a letter of authorisation from the deceased's family.

Documents Required
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You will need to have the following documents:

  • Your identification document (NRIC or passport)
  • Death certificate issued by the foreign authorities or a certified true copy of the death certificate
  • Deceased’s identification documents (NRIC or Singapore passport)
  • Coffin import/export permit (if available)
  • Burial/cremation permit (if available)

Official translation will be required if any document is not in the English language. Please click on the tooltip (exclamation mark "!" above) for more details.


You may report the death of a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident that occurred overseas with the required documents via FormSG at


There is no fee for reporting a death that occured overseas.

Processing Time

Processing will take 3 working days upon receipt and verification of all required documents stated above (refer to "Documents Required"). Some cases may take a longer time to process. You may be required to submit additional information or supporting documents, where necessary.

You will receive an acknowledgement letter or email once the processing is completed.