Meet our Officers

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Get inspired by our ICA officers

At ICA, our officers protect, secure and inspire with pride. As part of the highly-trained border security and identification profession, they take on many challenging roles in checkpoint clearance, intelligence, enforcement, immigration and national registration, in order to keep our borders safe and secure.

Here are the stories of some of the guardians of our borders, as they share what they do and what drives them every day to ensure the safety of our country.

Team Leader

Do you enjoy working with people and like to make an impact on others? Are you versatile and resourceful during unforeseen situations? Be a Team Leader.

Investigation Officer

Do you have a thirst for truth? Are you one who loves to pursue justice until it is served? Be an Investigation Officer.

Task Force Officer

Do you enjoy being challenged every day? Are you observant and agile enough to uncover security threats daily? Be a Task Force Officer.

Radiographic Image Analyst

Do you possess a keen eye for detail? Are you shrewd enough to uncover what lies beneath the surface? Be an Image Analyst.

Security Sensitive Materials Officer

Do you have a penchant for science and look forward to a different experience every day? Are you meticulous and like to leave no stone unturned? Be a Security Sensitive Materials Officer.

First Response Team Officer

Do you prefer action and enjoy being at the frontline? Are you dedicated and responsible to enhance the security of our borders? Be a Fast Response Team Officer.