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A Leader in Border Security

As a HAS (ICA) Direct-Entry Inspector, you are responsible for implementing and enforcing laws, regulations and ICA policies, as well as managing the operations of ICA’s various branches and commands. Leading a team of highly skilled and well-trained ICA officers who are tasked with protecting Singapore’s gateways, you play a critical role in ensuring the nation’s security. You have to display leadership capabilities, decisiveness, mental agility, courage and integrity. You will be trained and developed to become a professional in border security, in-land enforcement and policy implementation.

Entry Requirements

  • A degree in any discipline*
  • Be physically fit
  • Normal colour vision
  • Singapore citizenship

* In general, degrees accredited by the government of the home country where the university is located will be considered for appointment into the Public Service.

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Educational Qualification Starting Monthly Salary*
First Class Honours
Second (Upper) Class Honours
$4,600 to $5,197
Second (Lower) Class Honours
Third Class Honours
$4,330 to $5,018

* The starting monthly salary will vary according to assessment during the interview, relevant work experience and completion of full-time National Service.


  • 18 to 21 days of vacation leave
  • Medical and dental subsidies
  • Group insurances
  • Use of government holiday bungalows
  • Sponsorship for postgraduate study
  • Subsidies for sports and recreational activities
  • Performance and annual bonuses
  • Staff welfare benefits


You will undergo a 26-week non-residential ICA Basic Course (Inspector) at the Home Team Academy (HTA), which will equip you with the knowledge and skills to perform your duties.

Training includes:

  • Document examination
  • People, goods and vehicle screening
  • Behavioural Analysis and profiling techniques 
  • Laws and regulations
  • Firearms training
  • Basic Unarmed Combat training
  • Supervisory development including 5-day Leadership Challenge Programme*
  • Up to 10 days (excluding weekends) of Home Team Programme at HTA*

*Residential component: You will need to serve a one-year bond once you complete training.

Job Deployment

Foundational Posting

After graduating from the ICA Basic Course (Inspector), you will be deployed at a checkpoint to work on three shifts in one of the Commands – Woodlands, Tuas or Coastal. You will also be required to wear uniform while on duty.

Development Posting

As part of your career posting, you will gain greater exposure to ICA’s line operations. With suitable aptitude, you may be deployed to perform enforcement-related work, including conducting investigations and operations to detect illegal immigrants, smugglers and contraband. You may also be deployed to Services Centres to assess applications for travel documents, permanent residency, citizenship, National Registration Identity Cards (NRIC) and other passes or permits. The deployment options also enable you to develop skills in the areas of planning and review, operations management and policy administration. There are opportunities to complete posting stints overseas.

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