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Disembarkation / Embarkation Card

» Overview
» Where to Get the D/E Card
» Completing the D/E Card
» Clearing Immigration
» Leaving Singapore

Foreign visitors* arriving in Singapore are required to have a completed Disembarkation/Embarkation Card (or D/E card) for immigration clearance. The D/E card is shown below:

Old D/E Card (can be used up to 31 Aug 2015)
New D-E Card

New D/E Card (with effect from 1 Sep 2014)
(Please <click here> to view a clearer version of the DE card.)

Where to Get the D/E Card
The D/E card is available at all Singapore checkpoints. Travellers arriving by air can obtain the card from the airlines or on board their flights to Singapore. Travellers arriving by land and sea can obtain it from their travel agents, bus companies and ferry operators. The D/E card is free-of-charge.

Completing the D/E Card
All D/E cards must be completed in a neat and legible manner. A separate D/E card must be completed for each accompanying child travelling with the same passport.

Clearing Immigration
At the immigration counter, the visitor must present the completed D/E card together with his travel documents to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority officer.

Upon the grant of immigration clearance, the Disembarkation portion will be retained by the officer. The Embarkation portion will be returned to the visitor. An endorsement indicating the period that the visitor is allowed to enter and stay in Singapore is stamped on both portions of the D/E Card as well as on the passport.

Leaving Singapore
When the visitor leaves Singapore, the Embarkation portion will be retrieved from the visitor.

* Permanent Residents, work pass holders and other long term pass holders are not required to fill in D/E cards each time they enter Singapore.

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Last updated on 18 Oct 2012