ICA Scholarships

The ICA Scholarships, introduced from 2017, offer promising individuals a meaningful and challenging career in ICA and the wider Home Team. ICA scholars can look forward to directly contributing to Singapore's homefront security through safeguarding our borders - our first line of defence against security and immigration threats. They will be groomed for key leadership positions through structured postings across staff and line functions within ICA. Given the diverse range of functions within ICA spanning checkpoint clearance, maritime operations, intelligence, enforcement, immigration and national registration, there are many demanding job responsibilities that will challenge and develop scholarship holders.

ICA scholarship and award holders will be sponsored for undergraduate studies in overseas or local universities, depending on their calibre and tier of scholarships awarded. 

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Home Team Local Study Award (HTLSA)

The Home Team Local Study Award (HTLSA) is awarded to talented students in the Junior Colleges, polytechnics and local universities to pursue studies in the fields of Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, Criminology or Security at the local universities. 

Upon graduation, the HTLSA recipients will be appointed as HAS (ICA) Direct-Entry Inspectors.

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Interested applicants may email to [email protected].  

Singapore Government Scholarship (SGS)

The Singapore Government Scholarship (SGS) takes highly qualified individuals to reputable overseas or local universities for their undergraduate studies.

Upon graduation, the SGS recipients will pursue a rewarding career as Direct-Entry Inspectors in the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

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Local Merit Scholarship (LMS)

The Local Merit Scholarship (LMS) helps promising individuals take their first steps in developing meaningful and rewarding careers with the Home Team, beginning with an undergraduate education at a local university.

Upon graduation, the LMS recipients will pursue a rewarding career as Direct-Entry Inspectors in the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

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Last updated on 22 Feb 2017