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 I'm interested to join ICA as a HAS (ICA) Direct-Entry Inspector / Direct-Entry Sergeant. How do I apply?

You may submit your application via should you meet our entry requirements.

What are the prerequisites of the job?

The basic requirements to be an HAS (ICA) Direct-Entry Inspector / Direct-Entry Sergeant are: 
a) Singapore Citizen
b) Be physically fit
c) Have good eyesight with normal colour vision
d) A pass degree in any discipline for the position of HAS (ICA) Direct-Entry Inspector and at least GCE O Levels / Nitec for the position of HAS (ICA) Direct-Entry Sergeant

Please refer to HAS (ICA) Direct-Entry Inspector page and Direct-Entry Sergeant page for more details.

 Do I need to perform shift work?

Yes, newly appointed officers will be posted to a Checkpoint for foundation posting and will be required to work on cyclic shift.

 Is there any PES requirement?

Candidates need to pass medical examination. Male applicants should preferably have medical fitness of PES A or B. Those who do not have PES A or B will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

 Do I still need to go for my reservist and / or IPPT after I join ICA?

Yes. There is no change to your current NS liability (including IPPT) with your appointment as HAS (ICA) Direct-Entry Inspector / Sergeant.

 I hold a Diploma from a private institution e.g. Informatics. Is it recognised? 

Private diplomas which are assessed to be of the same duration and rigour as polytechnic diplomas may be considered.

 What are degrees that are recognised by ICA?

For graduate positions, degrees from universities accredited by the home government of the country where the university is located will be considered for appointment into the Public Service. This applies to degrees obtained full-time or part-time, through distance-learning or twinning programs. The Public Service does not solely look at academic qualification when choosing candidates. We also take into account other important factors such as relevant work experience, past performance (e.g. track records), as well as personal attributes like leadership abilities.

 Does ICA sponsor officers for further studies?

Yes, we do. ICA offers sponsorships for diploma, degree and postgraduate studies.

 I heard that there is a sign-on bonus. Is it true? Will there be a bond?

Newly appointed Direct-Entry Sergeants (diploma holders of local polytechnics / NAFA / LASALLE, IB diploma or GCE 'A' Level holders)  will receive a sign-on bonus, with $3,000 paid upon signing on and $5,000 upon confirmation after one-year probation. There will be a bond of 2 years for the sign-on bonus, effective from the date of appointment.

 What is the training period and where would the training be conducted? Is it a residential program?

The 16- to 20-week training will be conducted at Home Team Academy. It is non-residential training that will equip new officers with the relevant knowledge and skills so that they could discharge their duties at the checkpoints confidently. As part of the ICA Basic Course (Inspector), there is a 5-day residential "Leadership Challenge Program" .

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Last updated on 21 Jul 2016