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Computerisation of REcords for creW System

The CREW System, or Computerisation of REcords for creW clearance, is a one-stop service for the local shipping agent to apply for crew-related immigration facilities.

Under the CREW System, local shipping agent is required to submit applications for crew related facilities via the Internet.

The submission of vessel arrival or departure and crew related applications via the CREW System are mainly for commercial vessels such as container vessel, bulk carrier, very large crude carrier, tanker, liquefied petroleum gas carrier, liquefied natural gas carrier, chemical carrier, car carrier, Indonesian wooden coasters, supply vessel, tugboat, fishing vessel.

User manual for CREW provides step-by-step guide for shipping agent to submit applications via CREW System.

Computerisation of REcords for creW Clearance System (CREW) Click here to download Computerisation of Records for Crew Clearance (CREW)
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Last updated on 19 Oct 2014