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Examination of Persons Arriving by Sea

Any person arriving by sea onboard the vessel is required to appear before an immigration officer for immigration examination. All persons onboard are required to produce their travel documents and visa (if required) to the immigration officer. The immigration officer will assess their entry eligibility before the issuance of a Landing Pass (for crew) or a Visit Pass (for passenger) accordingly.

The master, owner, shipping agent or charterer is required to produce every crew and passenger (if any) for inspection and interview if so required by the immigration officer.

» Landing Pass
» Refusal of Entry
» Authorised Landing Places

Landing Pass
During immigration examination, a Landing Pass may be issued to crew members who arrive with the vessel if they meet the prevailing entry requirements including visa. Please click here to view the visa requirements.

The Landing Pass shall authorise the crew to enter Singapore and to remain in Singapore during the validity of the pass for the purpose of shore leave.

A Landing Pass issued shall be subject to the condition that the holder shall not, without a valid work pass issued under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (Cap 91A), engage in any form of paid employment or in any business, profession or occupation in Singapore.

The crew member is tagged to the vessel and the name of the vessel is indicated on the Landing Pass. The holder of the Landing Pass shall leave Singapore onboard the vessel when the vessel leaves Singapore Port Waters unless he is granted approval to sign-off by ICA.

ICA will estreat the Crew Security Bond imposed on the crew if he fails to leave Singapore with the vessel subsequently or contravene any condition of his Landing Pass or any direction made in respect of his Landing Pass.

Refusal of Entry
Crew or passengers who do not meet the entry requirements will be refused permission to land. They will not be allowed to disembark from the vessel and shall remain onboard while the vessel is in Singapore Port Waters. They shall leave with the vessel when the vessel departs Singapore.

Authorised Landing Places
A crew member, who is refused entry to Singapore, is not allowed to disembark from the vessel. However, for a crew member who is issued with a Landing Pass or who is onboard a vessel which has been granted AIC (IPL) and wishes to go ashore, he is required to proceed to any of the following authorised landing places to seek immigration clearance.

For Vessels Berthing at the Gazetted Terminals or Wharves

Crew members onboard vessels which are berthed at the gazetted terminals or wharves who wish to go ashore shall report to the respective designated ICA Crew Clearance Office for immigration clearance together with his travel document and In-Principle Approval (IPA letter) (if any) and vice versa. The four designated ICA Crew Clearance Offices located at gazetted terminals or wharves are as follows:
  • Keppel Entrance Crew Clearance Office;
  • Pasir Panjang Crew Clearance Office;
  • Sembawang Gate ICA Office; and
  • Jurong Port Main Gate Crew Clearance Office.


For Vessels Anchoring at the Anchorages or Berthing at Offshore Terminals

The Marina South Pier and West Coast Pier are the two authorised landing places for ships’ crew, passengers and other persons embarking on or disembarking from vessels at the anchorages or offshore terminals. Crew/passengers who wish to go ashore shall report to either Marina South Pier or West Coast Pier when making their first entry into Singapore mainland. Departing crew/passengers who wishes to return to the vessel (which is anchored at the anchorages or offshore terminals) shall report to either Marina South Pier or West Coast Pier when making their final exit from Singapore mainland. This is regardless of whether the vessel is granted AIC (IPL) or COB.

A crew member onboard vessel which is granted AIC (IPL) must obtain an immigration pass at either Marina South Pier or West Coast Pier if he needs to go ashore for any purpose.

Crew members are required to produce their travel document, AIC (IPL) letter or Electronic Landing Pass and visa (if required) when they report to either Marina South Pier or West Coast Pier for immigration clearance.

For non-crew members (such as passenger, worker etc.), they are required to produce their travel document, Singapore Pink or Blue Identity Card, Work Permit or Long Term Pass Card for check when they pass through the authorised landing place.

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Last updated on 08 Mar 2017