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Creation of Arrival Application (AA) for Newly Built Vessel

For a newly built vessel in Singapore, the shipping agent may request for a creation of AA in CREW System if they want to bring in foreign crew for the purpose of sea trial and subsequently leave with the vessel.

Shipping agent is required to furnish the following documents to ICA via [email protected] for assessment.
      (a)  Ship registry or Builders certificate;
      (b)  Shipyard’s letter;
      (c)  Owner’s letter;
      (d)  Shipping agent appointment letter;
      (e)  MPA launch permit;
      (f)   List of sign-on crew, and their duties onboard;
      (g)  Scanned copy of their Seamen’s books;
      (h)  The estimated date of departure of vessel;
      (i)   MPA port clearance letter;
      (j)   Letter of undertaking that the sign-on crew will depart with the vessel; and
      (k)  Minimum manning level certificate.
Once the AA is approved, the shipping agent will need to register the new vessel in the CREW System before they can submit crew sign-on application for that particular vessel.

ICA may grant Landing Pass to the crew for the purpose of conducting sea trial for the newly built vessel and subsequently leave Singapore Port Waters onboard the same vessel. ICA will not issue Landing Pass to foreigners to carry out work onboard vessel which is being built or under repair at a shipyard. Shipping agent is required to apply for work permit or work pass to bring in foreigners who carry out testing of equipment, supervising of work, familiarisation or commissioning of the vessel etc.

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Last updated on 12 Aug 2014