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Requirements For Shipping Agents

 »  SingPass
 »  Security Deposit
 »  Security Bonds
 »  Access Rights

Shipping agent must have a SingPass to login onto the CREW System. The shipping agent can apply for SingPass at any Central Provident Fund (CPF) office, Community Development Council (CDC), or selected Community Club or Centre (CC).

Security Deposit
ICA requires the shipping company’s authorised personnel to furnish a security deposit in the form of an Insurance Bond or Banker’s Guarantee for all crew members.

The sum of the security deposit will be S$40,000 or S$60,000 depending on the agency’s track records for the past 12 months, payable to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

The shipping company or shipping agent must liaise with ICA on the amount of security deposit required.

Security Bonds
Once the Insurance Bond or Banker's Guarantee is furnished, the shipping agent is required to execute three security bonds annually, namely:
      (a)  Crew Security Bond for the issuance of Landing Pass (commonly known as “yellow bond”);
      (b)  Security Bond for the issuance of Special Pass (commonly known as “purple bond”); and
      (c)  Security Bond for refusal of entry (commonly known as “blue bond”).
These security bonds, which are valid for one year, allow the shipping agencies to apply to ICA for a range of immigration facilities relating to crew members onboard all the vessels brought into Singapore by the agency.

Access Rights
Before ICA can grant access rights to the individual shipping agent, the shipping company must authorise its appointed shipping agent through an authorisation letter and submit the personal particulars of personnel accessing the CREW System to ICA. A copy of the company business profile must also be submitted for verification.

ICA will grant access rights to the authorised shipping agent to perform e-transaction via the CREW System after the shipping company has furnished the security deposit and executed the security bonds at the Seamen's Section. The Seamen’s Section is located at Marina South Pier, 31 Marina Coastal Drive, Singapore 018988.

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Last updated on 21 Jul 2014