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Quarterly Birth & Death Statistics

Appended below are the quarterly Singapore Demographic Bulletins that provides the latest data on population, births, still-births and deaths.

Annual data for the past three years, monthly figures for the reference quarter as well as for the corresponding period in the previous year are presented for comparison in the document.

 Quarter  Singapore Demographic Bulletin (SDB)
 2nd Quarter(Apr-Jun) 2017  SDB Q2 Apr-Jun 17
 1st Quarter (Jan-Mar) 2017  SDB Q1 Jan-Mar 17
 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) 2016  SDB Q4 Oct-Dec 16
 3rd Quarter (Jul-Sep) 2016  SDB Q3 Jul-Sep 16
 2nd Quarter (Apr-Jun) 2016  SDB Q2 Apr-Jun 16
 1st Quarter (Jan-Mar) 2016  SDB Q1 Jan-Mar 16
 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) 2015  SDB Q4 Oct-Dec 15
 3rd Quarter (Jul-Sep) 2015  SDB Q3 Jul-Sep 15
 2nd Quarter (Apr-Jun) 2015  SDB Q2 Apr-Jun 15
 1st Quarter (Jan-Mar) 2015  SDB Q1 Jan-Mar 15
 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) 2014  SDB Q4 Oct-Dec 14
 3rd Quarter (Jul-Sep) 2014  SDB Q3 Jul-Sep 14

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Last updated on 20 Feb 2017