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This page serves as a guide to Singapore citizens on passport-related matters.

Passports Act 2007

The Passports Act 2007 was operationalised on 1 Dec 2007.

The Singapore passport is well regarded internationally because it is a highly secure document with several security features. As criminal and terrorist elements are known to use photo-substituted or forged passports to facilitate their movement, it is essential that Singapore has the necessary laws to safeguard the security and integrity of the Singapore passport.

How does it impact you?

It is important for Singapore citizens to immediately report the loss or theft of their passport as this allows ICA to promptly alert foreign immigration authorities and share information on the lost and stolen passports in order to curb the abuse of passports worldwide.

A Singapore passport will be cancelled once it is reported lost or stolen.

The following are two important requirements that you should be mindful of:

Requirement Penalty
It is compulsory for a Singapore citizen, or a person who has parental responsibility for a Singapore citizen aged 16 and below, to report the loss or theft of a passport to ICA within 14 days when he first knows of the fact. For failure to report the loss or theft of a Singapore passport within 14 days when a person first knows of the fact, the person can be fined up to S$3,000 or sentenced to imprisonment of up to 2 years, or both.
A Singapore passport will be cancelled once it is reported lost or stolen. Please surrender the passport to ICA within 14 days if it is subsequently found. It is an offence to use a cancelled passport. For knowingly using a cancelled Singapore passport, a person can be fined up to a sum of S$10,000 or sentenced to imprisonment of up to 10 years, or both.

We would like to share with you some common questions on this subject:

Q1: Must the current valid passport be presented for invalidation when the new passport is issued?
Yes, the passport applicant is required to present the current valid passport for invalidation before a new passport can be issued.

Q2: If I decide that I don’t want the invalidated passport after collecting the new one, what do I do with the old passport? 
The Singapore passport is an important document and should be disposed of carefully. One way to dispose an expired/invalidated passport is by shredding the passport. This will ensure that the passport does not fall into the wrong hands which may lead to abuse. For biometric passports, the electronic chip should be destroyed by using a hole puncher to punch a hole through it, before shredding the passport.

Q3: Is personal appearance required at the time of application for a passport?
Passport applicants only need to come to ICA once either during application or collection. For those who have submitted their application by post, deposit box or the Internet, they are required to come to Passports Unit to collect their passport in person. During passport collection, we will verify the identity of the holder by matching his fingerprints against the records on the Identity Card. For application over the counter, applicants would have their identity verified and therefore, they can authorise a third party to collect the passport on the applicants’ behalf.

Q4: When reporting the death of a person, is it necessary to bring the passport of the deceased for invalidation?
No, it is not necessary. The person reporting the death should bring the identity card of the deceased to report the death at ICA or the nearest Neighbourhood Police Centre/Post.

Q5: Is it necessary to have a police report when reporting to ICA the loss or theft of a passport?
A police report is required only if the loss of your passport was due to you being a victim of crime. Otherwise, you may execute a Statutory Declaration when you report the loss of your passport at ICA.

Q6: What do I have to do if I lose my passport overseas?
You need to do the following:
• Lodge a police report;
• Take passport-sized photographs should you not have two spare ones with you. Instant photos are acceptable, and;
• Contact the nearest Singapore High Commission, Embassy or Consulate.
When you lodge the police report, please request for a copy of the report. In some countries where this may not be possible, you should request an acknowledgement slip or a receipt. If either of these cannot be given to you, please ask for the report number and note down the name/location of the police station.

When you arrive at our Mission, please have with you the police report, documentary proof of your citizenship status and proof of your identity (preferably with your photograph on it, e.g. Identity Card).

For Singapore citizens who are tourists, our Mission will issue you a Document of Identity (DOI) to enable you to return to Singapore after your particulars has been verified. On your return to Singapore, you will need to surrender the DOI and apply for a new passport.

For those Singapore citizens who are working or studying in the country, our Mission will assist you in your application for a replacement passport. Please see loss of passport for Singaporeans for the relevant instructions at www.ica.gov.sg under “Citizen Services” -> “Reporting Loss of Singapore Passport”.

Q7: If I report the loss of my passport at an overseas mission, do I have to report the loss to ICA again when I return to Singapore?
Yes, you are required to report the loss of passport to ICA when you return to Singapore. You will need to submit an application for passport at the prevailing fees if you need to travel.

For more information on passport-related matters, please visit the FAQs on passport here

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Last updated on 05 Feb 2015