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 ICA Customs Building1

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Custom House (6 Jun 1932 - 13 Aug 1989)

World Trade Centre(14 Aug 1989 - 31 May 1996)

Revenue House
(1 Jun 1996 until present)

The Department has seen its corporate HQ relocated several times. The Department was housed in Guthrie's Building before 1 Jan 1910. Between 1 Jan 1910 - 5 Jun 1932, the Customs HQ was located at Cecil Street next to the former Straits Times Building. Built at a cost of $313,000 in 1932 by PWD, the Customs House at Maxwell Road also housed the Film Censor's Office and Maxwell Road Post Office from 6 Jun 1932 - 13 Aug 1989. The Department HQ was relocated to the World Trade Centre on 14 Aug 1989 and remained there until 31 May 1996. The present Customs Corporate HQ is currently operating from its premises at the Revenue House since 1 Jun 1996.

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Last updated on 30 Jul 2012