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History of Uniforms

Our Uniform Evolution
Their uniforms had changed over the years.

Before the 90s
SI's image till the 90s

From Strict Advocators...
In the pre-independence days, their uniforms were sombre and projected a stern image.

Singapore ICA uniforms1

To Approachable Officers...
They changed their uniforms in the early 70s. The new outfits lent a more causal air and made their officers seem more warm and approachable.

By 1974, the design of the uniforms had shifted to a brown and cream design. The colour combination did not vary for more than twenty years, although the style and cut were modified to keep up with the changing trends.

Professionals in Service

Reflecting our Service Culture

Comes the Age of Service...

Singapore ICA uniforms2

Their focus on service led to a uniform revamp in October 1995.

The new uniforms looked professional yet approachable. There were two sets. A formal uniform set worn by officers at Airport Immigration and a less formal one worn by field officers and land and sea checkpoints officers. Both came in soothing shades of green and enhanced our "warm and friendly" image.

Modifications were also made to the rank insignia of Senior and Junior Officers

These new insignias were worn from 1 Dec 98.

For Senior Officers
Singapore ICA rank 1

For Junior Officers
Singapore ICA rank 2

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Last updated on 18 Oct 2012