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History of Singapore Immigration & Registration (SIR)

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Singapore Immigration (SI) and the National Registration Department (NRD) have come a long way. Over time, they had risen to the challenge of increasing demands with professionalism, always. With the formation of Singapore Immigration & Registration (SIR) on 1 April 98, they had in place, processes and procedures that were unheard of in those early years.

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The face of SIR had changed significantly from the early years when immigration and registration laws were first introduced. 

They had come a long way from their humble beginnings. SIR is a vital component of the Home Team bound to ensure the peace and security of the country.

ICA historical customs image 3Get a glimpse of our past and see how they had grown along with the country. Understand the intertwined history of SI and NRD, as well as the eventual merger of the two to form SIR in 1998.

They say the past is prologue. It's true for SIR. They had built on the industry of our predecessors to best serve our nation.

To fully appreciate the history of SIR, we need to look at the humble beginnings of both the National Registration Departments as well as the Singapore Immigration.

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Last updated on 30 Jul 2012