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CED In Brief

Customs & Excise Department or CED was one of the oldest tax-collecting organisations and border protection agencies in Singapore. Established in 1910, the department underwent numerous changes in its 90 years history. The first duties imposed were on hard liquors and opium. Over the years, the basket of dutiable goods expanded to include motor vehicles, liquor, tobacco products and petroleum.

Aside from revenue collection, CED also worked closely and assisted other government departments such as the Central Narcotics Bureau in safeguarding the welfare and security of our nation. The introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on 1st April further broadened the job scope of CED.

In 1991, to simplify the passenger clearance process and save traveler time, the Red and Green Channel system of clearing incoming travellers was successfully implemented at Changi Airport. This dual channel system was subsequently extended to all entry checkpoints.

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Last updated on 29 Oct 2013