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Exporting Cargo from Singapore

» Conventional Cargo
» Containerised Cargo

Conventional Cargo
A Cargo Clearance Permit (Customs Outward or Joint Customs/IESGP Outward) will have to be produced at the checkpoint for export clearance of the following types goods:
  • Dutiable goods from licensed warehouses
  • Goods from bonded warehouses
  • Goods under the Temporary Export Scheme
  • Re-export of goods previous imported under the Temporary Import Scheme
The Customs seal placed on the cargo, if any, will be verified by the checkpoint officer at the exit point before release of the cargo.

For export of non-dutiable and non-controlled goods by air or sea, the trader can clear the cargo through the checkpoint without a permit.

Containerised Cargo
Prior to movement of dutiable or controlled goods for export, the trader will have to obtain the relevant permits from Singapore Customs or the Controlling Authority. Upon approval of the permit, the container will have to be produced at the checkpoint for clearance. However, the Cargo Clearance Permit need not accompany the container at the time of clearance. For goods released from licensed or bonded warehouses, the container should be produced together with the Release Note at the FTZ In-Gate for clearance.

Please visit the Singapore Customs website for more information.

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Last updated on 29 Oct 2013