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Importing Cargo into Singapore


Conventional Cargo
  • Produce the relevant permits and all supporting documents to the checkpoint officers at the entry points 
  • Pay duties and/or GST for the import of goods for local consumption

Cargo Clearance

Note: For a consignment that requires partial clearance, the trader should produce the same permits each time for proper endorsement until the whole consignment is completely cleared. Please note that partial clearance is not allowed for consignments coming in via Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints.

Containerised Cargo
There are two types of container classifications: full container load (FCL) and less than full container load (LCL).

FCL Containers
FCL containers are normally not unstuffed in the Free Trade Zone (FTZ). They are sealed at the FTZ Out-Gates or examined/released without being sealed. Sealed containers should only be unstuffed under Customs supervision. Unsealed containers, however, may be unstuffed at any time without Customs supervision.

LCL Containers
LCL containers are unstuffed in the FTZ and cleared through the FTZ Out-Gates as conventional cargoes. No Customs supervision is required for the unstuffing of such containers in the FTZ.

Declaration and Permits
For cargo entering Customs territory as containerised cargo, the trader must declare the container number and the place of unstuffing in his import declaration. Prior to the removal of containers out of the FTZ, the trader should obtain the relevant permits. The approved permits and supporting commercial documents however need not be produced at the time of clearance of the containers.

Sealing of Containers
Containers requiring examination will be sealed at the respective FTZ Out-gates. After the sealed containers have been trucked out of the FTZ, consignees or their transport agents should make arrangements for supervision of unstuffing of the containers.

Customs seals placed on containers at the time of import should not be broken without supervision or written permission. Containers not requiring Customs examination will be given Sealing Not Required (SNR) facilitation and released without being sealed. Unsealed containers may be unstuffed at any time.

For More Information
Please visit the Singapore Customs website.

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Last updated on 10 Oct 2012