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All travellers are required to comply with the prevailing public health regulations and requirements in Singapore. These may include (i) serving a Stay-Home Notice (SHN), and/or (ii) taking the COVID-19 swab test.

Stay-Home Notice (SHN)

A Stay-Home Notice is issued, to all travellers who are granted entry into Singapore, as a precautionary measure taken to minimise the risk of additional imported cases of COVID-19.

The following groups of travellers will be exempted from the SHN requirement and subjected to COVID-19 swab test post-arrival in Singapore:

  • All travellers who enter Singapore with a valid SafeTravel Pass;
  • Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents holding a Malaysia-issued MyTravelPass, and have an approved SHN waiver for short-term leave in Singapore;
  • Foreign travellers who enter Singapore with a valid Air Travel Pass; and
  • Singapore residents and Long-Term Pass holders (with Approval Letter of Entry) who spent at least 14 days prior to arriving from Brunei Darussalam and New Zealand.

Please refer to the SafeTravel Website for more details about SafeTravel Pass, MyTravelPass and Air Travel Pass.

For those with extenuating circumstances, such as medical conditions or mobility issues that make it difficult for them to stay at their own accommodation or at an SHN Dedicated Facility (SDF), they should provide the details in this form at

For SHN-related enquiries or assistance, you may contact the SHN Helpline at 6812 5555.

Please visit for more information on SHN. Travellers that are serving their SHN are not allowed to leave their place of residence or SDF for the duration of the SHN period.

View a video below on SHN requirements and click here for a health advisory for persons placed on SHN.

COVID-19 Swab Test

Before the end of SHN, all travellers will be scheduled to take a COVID-19 swab test at a designated community testing facility. Children aged 12 or younger (in that calendar year) need not take a COVID-19 swab test unless their close contacts are found to be COVID-19 positive.

Persons placed on SHN (PSHNs) will receive a call and/or SMS notification on their registered mobile number regarding the details of their allotted swab test appointment. PSHNs will be notified of the test result generally within 1 to 4 days after the day of the swab. PSHNs should continue to adhere to the terms of the SHN.

For more information on payment request by ICA for COVID-19 swab test, please click here.

As Singapore's border restriction measures evolve with the global situation, you are advised to check the MOH's website for the latest updates.

ICA's Electronic Monitoring Device

To aid ICA's efforts to enforce the SHN requirement, travellers entering Singapore from 10 August 2020, 2359hrs onwards, and are not serving their SHN at the SDFs, will be required to wear an electronic monitoring device.

This device must be worn for the full duration of the SHN period. Travellers aged 12 or younger (in that calendar year) are exempted from wearing the device.

Issuance of ICA's Electronic Monitoring Device

Eligible travellers will be given the following once they have cleared through Singapore's immigration checkpoints:

Persons placed on SHN (PSHNs) who have received an electronic wristband are required to activate their wristbands upon reaching their place of residence/ accommodation where they will serve their SHN ("SHN residence"). Investigations will be conducted if the wristband is found to be damaged or tampered, and/or when a PSHN is found to have left his/her SHN residence.

ICA electronic monitoring device additional information

Travellers entering Singapore with Ministry of Manpower (MOM) issued long-term passes (work pass) will be monitored by MOM using a different monitoring device.

Setup of ICA's Electronic Monitoring Device

ICA electronic monitoring device step-by-step setup infographics

The device needs to be activated once the PSHNs reach their place of residence/ accommodation. PSHNs can refer to the video below, User Setup Guide and FAQs to activate their electronic wristbands.

After SHN period

After the completion of the SHN, the wristband can be removed and disposed of according to the proper e-waste disposal methods. 

Our officers will contact the PSHNs for the collection of the gateway device.


PSHNs who have problems with their device or do not have access to a smartphone with internet connection may call the StayHome@SG Helpdesk at 6962 2516 for technical assistance.

Those who require other types of assistance may call the SHN Helpline at 6812 5555.

Enforcement measures

From the day of arrival in Singapore, ICA will be conducting mandatory checks on Singapore citizens, permanent residents, Long-Term Visit Pass holders and short-term visitors who are placed on the Stay-Home Notice (SHN).

Persons placed on SHN (PSHNs) may receive house visits or be contacted via calls or WhatsApp to verify their location.

During the audio and/or video call via WhatsApp, PSHNs may be requested to show their immediate surroundings to verify their location. During the call, PSHNs will be asked to provide the last four digits of their Identity Card/ travel document to ascertain their identity.

In addition, they may also receive a phone call and/or a house visit to verify their location. They will then need to explain to the officer that they did not receive the SMS or the SMS link is not working and follow any instructions given by the officer to verify their location.

All our officers performing house visits will produce their warrant cards or ICA authorisation letter as a form of identification.

Please be informed that ICA will not ask for any financial information. 

If travellers receive a call from us and wish to verify the authenticity of the phone call, they can call the SHN helpline at 6812 5555.

The Government will continue to implement surveillance and enforcement measures to ensure compliance with the SHN, so that the well-being of the community is not put at risk.

Anyone can report a Singapore citizen, permanent resident, Long-Term Visit Pass holder or short-term visitor who did not comply with the SHN to ICA via

Penalties for breach of SHN

Those who fail to comply with the Stay-Home Notice requirements can be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases Act and its Regulations, and face a fine up to $10,000, or up to six months’ imprisonment, or both.

In addition, if the person is a:

  • Singapore permanent resident or long-term pass holder (Long-Term Visit Pass/ Dependant’s Pass/ Student’s Pass), the Re-Entry Permit or passes may be revoked, or the validity shortened and the person may be barred from entering Singapore in future.
  • Short-term visitor, the visit pass may be cancelled and the person may be barred from entering Singapore.
  • Work pass holder, the work pass may be revoked.
  • Full-time student attending a preschool, school or other educational institution in Singapore, the person might be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or dismissal.

Stay-Home Notice (SHN) calculator

To determine the period of SHN you are required to serve, please refer to the table summarizing Singapore's measures for inbound travellers in relation to COVID-19, found here.

You can use this calculator to determine the period of your 14-day SHN.

SHN issued on:


You can only leave your accommodation after , 12pm, or until the result of your COVID-19 test is notified to you, whichever is later.

You can use this calculator to determine the period of your 7-day SHN.

SHN issued on:


You can only leave your accommodation after , 12pm, or until the result of your COVID-19 test is notified to you, whichever is later.