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In view of the COVID-19 situation, counter services at the ICA Building are available for selected services that cannot be done or completed online or by appointment only.

Members of the public are strongly encouraged to use ICA's e-Services available at MyICA. Please refer to section "Services available online" below for the list of avaialble e-Services.

Entry into the ICA Building for selected services or by appointment only

ICA counter services are available for services that cannot be done or completed online due to safe distancing requirements.

If you have made an application earlier, and the application process requires you to come to the ICA Building, you will need to book an appointment via the e-Appointment service or through the eAPPT@ICA mobile application. Please refer to Appendix for the list of services for which you can obtain an appointment through e-Appointment.

Those who had earlier made appointments that were scheduled during the Circuit Breaker Period but could not visit the ICA Building to attend their appointments due to restricted counter services then, should reschedule their appointments through  e-Appointment.

For services that are not available online or via the e-Appointment Service, you may come to the ICA Building. Please refer to Appendix for services that are not available online or via the e-Appointment service.

Members of the public with an appointment are advised to arrive at the ICA Building within 15 minutes of their appointment time.

You should visit the ICA Building on your own, unless specified. The elderly, young children, and those who require special assistance, e.g. wheelchair-bound persons, can be accompanied by one other person.

We seek your understanding and cooperation on adhering to the Safe Distancing Measures in place at the ICA Building.

Use of SafeEntry at ICA Building

All visitors to the ICA Building will need to check in using SafeEntry, and will only be allowed entry if they:

  1. Are currently not under a Quarantine Order or Stay-Home Notice,
  2. Have not had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the past 14 days[1]; and
  3. Do not have a fever or any flu-like symptoms.

[1] not applicable to COVID-19 frontline workers

Use TraceTogether App on your phone for SafeEntry check-in

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Extension of validity of In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter

Long-Term Visit Pass applicants with IPA letters issued on or after 7 February 2020 and were unable to complete formalities of their applications due to the COVID-19 situation will have the validity of their IPA letters extended till 31 December 2020. Affected IPA holders can log in to MyICA or the e-Service to print their new IPA letters.

Kindly note that the validity of the IPA letter does not constitute a valid pass to remain in Singapore. Applicants are to ensure that their existing immigration pass remains valid. If required, you may apply for the necessary stay extension online.

Extension of stay for foreigners

All foreigners in Singapore must ensure that they have valid Short-Term Visit Passes, otherwise they would commit an offence of overstaying. Those who wish to extend their stay in Singapore must submit an online application to extend their Pass. They are advised to do so at least seven days before the expiry of their Pass.


Our call centre services will continue to be available. Members of the public should use ICA e-Services via MyICA wherever possible, and defer all non-urgent visits to the ICA Building.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Counter Services at the ICA Building

  1. [Updated] Has ICA resumed all services at the ICA Building?
    ICA has resumed counter services at the ICA Building in a limited and controlled manner. Access to these counter services are for selected services that cannot be done or completed online or by e-Appointment only. Due to safe-distancing requirements, ICA strongly urges members of the public to continue using ICA's e-Services via MyICA, and to defer all non-urgent visits to the ICA Building, where possible.
  2. What will happen if I turn up at the ICA Building without an e-Appointment?
    You may be turned away if you visit the ICA Building without an e-Appointment or for services that can be done or completed online. Please refer to the Appendix for services that are not available online or are available via the e-Appointment service.
  3. There are no available e-Appointment dates that i prefer and I need to complete my formalities or collect my passport/IC urgently. What can I do?
    To complete your formalities or collect your passport/IC, we encourage you to obtain another available e-Appointment date. We seek your understanding that ICA will need to resume our counter services in a limited and controlled manner for your safety.
  4. I have made an appointment to complete a transaction at the ICA Building. Due to mobility issues, I need to bring someone/domestic helper to assist me. Can I bring them along? Is there a limit to the number of people I can bring along to the ICA Building?
    Persons who have an e-Appointment booking should visit the ICA Building on their own, unless otherwise specified. However, the elderly, young children, and those who require special assistance, e.g. wheelchair-bound persons, can be accompanied by one other person.

    One-off delivery of passport/IC

  5. Is the one-off delivery of passport/ICs still available?
    ICA has previously arranged for the one-off delivery of the ICA and passport to residents who have
    1. applied for an IC under mandatory/optional IC re-registration, or
    2. applied for a passport to replace an expiring passport after receiving ICA's notification letter,
    between 1 January and 31 May 2020, and have not collected their IC or passport because of the Circuit Breaker. This one-off delivery has ended on 20 August 2020.Those who have made applications after 31 May 2020 will need to make an appointment via ICA's e-Appointment Service to collect their document at the ICA Building or post offices. Please note that a fee of $10 for passport and $6 for IC applies for collection at post offices.

    Online transactions

  6. [Updated] Can online applications be submitted at the ICA Building?
    As members of the public can access ICA’s e-Services (“MyICA”) to submit all online applications at their convenience, counter services at the ICA Building are for selected services that cannot be done online, or by appointment only. For public health and safety, we advise our customers to defer all non-urgent visits to the ICA Building. The iCollect on Level 1 allows customers to self-collect Singapore passports, identity cards and long-term passes.  To collect your document using the iCollect, please visit here to book your appointment in advance.  
  7. [Updated] Where can a person without Internet access or who is having difficulty with the applications online get assistance on immigration/citizenship matters?
    Applicants with no access to the Internet may visit the Citizen Connect Centres (CCCs) located at Our Tampines Hub and selected Community Centres/Clubs islandwide[1] where they can have free access to Internet-enabled computing devices. Applicants can also get their family members or friends to assist with their online applications, or for certain services (e.g. passport application, re-registration of IC or change of IC particulars), apply on their behalf via MyICA.
  8. I have yet to receive an outcome to my online application. What should I do?
    The processing time for applications has been affected due to the Circuit Breaker. We seek your patience and understanding. To check the outcome of your application, you can do so via our website or MyICA.


  9. Will operations at the checkpoints be affected by the post-Circuit Breaker measures at the ICA Building?
    All ICA’s checkpoints remain in operation.

[1] To find out where the CCCs are located, visit