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Singapore's measures for inbound travellers in relation to COVID-19 are summarised in this table.

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SafeTravel Table

What to Expect at Singapore’s Immigration Counters

Upon arrival in Singapore, you may be served an SHN during immigration clearance. To ensure smooth clearance, please present the following documents to the immigration officer:

  • Passport/Travel Document that is valid for at least six months
  • SG Arrival Card acknowledgement email
  • Approval Letter of Entry from relevant authority (if applicable)
  • SafeTravel Pass / Periodic Commuting Arrangement Pass / Air Travel Pass (if applicable)
  • Long-Term pass (In-Principle Approval) letter (if applicable)
  • Valid Singapore visa (if applicable)

We will not be able to provide advance information regarding SHN dedicated facilities (SDF), as the demand for these facilities is constantly changing due to the evolving COVID-19 situation. Please follow the instructions given by the ICA officers at the immigration checkpoints.

To aid ICA’s efforts in the enforcement of the SHN requirement, travellers entering Singapore from 10 August 2020, 2359hrs onwards, and are not serving SHN at SDFs will be issued with an electronic monitoring device. This device must be worn by the traveller for the full duration of the SHN period. Travellers aged 12 or younger (in that calendar year) are exempted from wearing the device. Click here for the news release.

Stay-Home Notice (SHN) and COVID-19 Swab Test

Click below for information about SHN issued by ICA and COVID-19 swab test.

SHN and COVID-19 test

Frequently Asked Questions

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