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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Join ICA

1. Meet Interesting People From All Over the World

You will get to meet people from all walks of life while you upkeep Singapore’s security through world class immigration and cargo clearance procedures. Use this exciting career to broaden your perspectives through direct interaction with visitors of various nationalities whilst at work.

2. Be At the Front Line of Border Security

Be a part of the team of passionate men and women who want to play an active role in keeping our borders safe and secure. Get yourself involved in real life situations as you face security challenges that confront our society and help protect our country, our community and our loved ones.

3. Develop Your Talent and Potential

Here in ICA, we value human talent and provide numerous learning platforms and opportunities to develop each individual’s talent. We will empower you to grow personally and professionally and will stay committed to develop your leadership potential. Allow us to maximise your potential.

ICA - A Home Team Department

ICA is a Department under the Home Team. The strength of the Home Team lies in its people. The Home Team is committed to develop every member's leadership potential and provide an environment where our officers can grow both personally and professionally.

The Home Team offers a fulfilling and diverse range of career opportunities and experiences. In each of these career paths, our officers will have the opportunity to grow and maximize their potential. It is our belief that every officer will come out as a richer, more matured and developed individual than when he/she first joined the Home Team.

Positions Available

For Degree Holders

For Polytechnic Graduates, ITE Graduates and A/O Level Holders

Sponsorship Schemes

Sponsorship for Polytechnic Studies (for new entrants)

Sponsorship for Existing ICA Specialist Officers to pursue their Degree Studies

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Last updated on 05 Nov 2012